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Path of Exile Craft Competition

I recently started crafting felt animals. Excited to move away from cute foxes to make this cute Kitava.

Shout out/ Hit-tip to Hyrchurn's drawing of Kitava from a prior Community Showcase (Sept 2017): It was a great inspiration for my felt Kitava.

Here's an Imgur post with more in-progress pics:

Here it is without my finger:

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Made a improved menu passed on some gods.
Brine King - Scandinavian
Solaris - Egyptian based on Ra, god of the sun
Lunaris - Based on the Lunar Festival
Arakaali - Food either is Poisonous, Aphrodisiac, or gets you Stoned.
Kitava - Texas/America, Everything's bigger in Texas!
Innocence - repenting on the millions massacred, he has become vegetarian for the time being.
Sin - Based on the 4 major Gods he has absorbed, and the ash he himself is burned to. His menu is charred, burned, or darker versions of Solaris, Lunaris, Brine King, and Arakaali.

Pictures are here. And RECIPES WILL FOLLOW, hopefully tomorrow :D

*GGG I will not post Arakaali's menu until its confirmed i'm allowed to post recipes about Cannabis, Magic Mushrooms, and potentially Poisonous foods.*

My camera sucks btw. :(



EDIT** - not part of the competition but heres the first 3 menu recipe lists.
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Hey everyone!

For this competition, I handmade a Tabula Rasa over a few weekends from a HUGE sheet of white cloth

More Pictures

Front view:
Side view 1:

Side view 2:

This was my first attempt at clothes-making, so I hope you all like it!
Lot's of great entries so far. For my part, I sculpted some of the currency, namely, Jeweller's Orb and Orb of Alchemy. Here's what I have so far, originally sculpted in Sculpey/ Super Sculpey. I also made a mold and some resin casts of the Jeweller's Orb

Jeweller's Orb - Original sculpt and two resin copies, followed by the finished painted version

Alchemy Orb - Original sculpt, followed by the painted version

Thanks for looking
Here is a delve portal created by my wife and I, guest starring our baby daughter for her first Halloween experience as a delve monster.


Bonus! Our daughter worked hard on her challenges and wanted to show off her back attachment as well as her portal. The canary was not very cooperative unfortunately.

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PoE is pretty hard to cosplay since you make your own character, so this is my vision for the Shadow class



Full album

Full costume and how to put it together


1 x White shirt (You can use long/short sleeve since the coat is hiding it, brought from Domanchi)

1 x Vest (Self-sewn, can be brought)

1 x Coat (Self-sewn, can be brought)

1 x Long dark pants (Brought from Cotton On)

1 x Belt (Self-made out of leather scraps)

2 x Leather shoe additions ( Self-made)

2 x Wands (Harry Potter chess set, can be made with EVA foam)

I'm pretty happy with the result but I wish the runtime was longer so that I could make weapons out of EVA foam.
~ DaAlZa
I present to you: The Atlas of Worlds in 3D!

Made entirely out of styrofoam, wire and paper, it features more than 70 maps leading up to Shaper`s guardians.
Every quarter depicts its guardian prominently, giving it proper attention.

As you see, influences are included as well!

Four corners of the world

Shady shenanigans

Map showcase

Shaper Guardians art

The styrofoam was handpainted using acrylic paint, a black pen and coloured markers.
The Atlas is not fixed in any outer construction, but hangs on a wire pulled through the topmost spike.
Check it out in this short GIF:

I have tried to keep the connections true to the original, but that's often not possible in 3D. Still, maps are in the quarter of their respective guardian according to wiki.

Thank you and good luck everyone!
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Blade is made to illustarate: Heavy & crude, yet effortless swoop
while spear is made balanced. The two opposites which make a great theme.

2 Handcarved & painted objects:

1) Ahn's Might: midnight blade
2) Akn's grace: midnight spear

Manly Templar from


Base items:

My attempt:

Some photos from making:

Good luck for all :D
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Greetings Exiles,

really here are some very good entrys. I enjoyed following all the new stuff you guys have posted here. Really awesome!!

This is my entry:


An old tradition in Wraeclast is to sacrifice dices at the feet of the false god for good luck and wealth.

...even Shaper asks him for a favor….






This model is made with natural clay. Then fired in a kiln. After the first burning process I applied metal oxides to it(the Color). It has to be fired again but the remaining time was to short.
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