Path of Exile Craft Competition

Hello there!
This is my handmade Delve portal. It's made by wood, sticks, polymer clay, wire and whatever was close :)

Some more photo here

And yes, it really works! :D

It would look like this in the real world —

Thanks for watching. Don't step of the cracks!
Hello there~
Here is my entry for this contest
these are the pewter coaster i made from scratch, the surface are engraved with ascendancy class theme.

All the progress are as follow
For this competitition I made Shaper by polymer clay, with acrylic paint (height 22 cm).
Eyes and stars glow in the dark!

A bit work in progress:
My Submission: Doon Cuebyari - Made from wood (pine) - Length of 22.5 inches.

Total time to complete: ~30 Hours (Not including paint drying time)


Full resolution images can be downloaded on my DeviantArt:

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Hope I posted this correctly, made a Dancing Dervish sword out of cedar, was a lot of fun sculpting this with an angle grinder for the day. For scale I'm about 194cm, or 6' 4"

First, Grats to all the awesome entries on this list! Nice work!

Here is my entry "The Tempest's Binding" mask made from fimo clay and painted with acrylics. It is about two inches in length. It was very enjoyable to pick up my sculpting tools again. :)
I made Ngamahu's Flame out of ayous. It took me about 30 hours to complete with the planning included. I know the paintjob could be better, but im a joiner, not a painter. x)
The eyes are made out of epoxy resin, which I turned on the lathe.
Props to everyone else who competes, I've seen some really cool submissions, good luck everyone! :)
If anyone is interested, here's the crafting progress with a little explanation.

For scale, I'm 1,74m :)

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I made a cake for this craft competition.
My inspiration was Mind of the council.
The cake is 100% edible.
The right side is made of white chocolate. We painted it silver and gold with foodpaint.
Alrighty, time to submit my entry.

I present to you, a silly, little pop-up book featuring the Templar.
Seven Micron fine-liners and copious amounts of construction paper died for this.

Where, oh, Where are the Templar's Pants

Where, oh, where are the Templar’s Pants?
Are they buried under scary plants?
Maybe they are in the belly of the beast?
Or are they part of a goatman’s feast?

Are they hiding under the stairs?
Have they been stolen by angry bears?
Do they hide in the white beast’s den?
Or were they ‘borrowed’ by some swordsmen?

Did he leave them whilst on the beach?
Or maybe they’re just hiding out of reach?
Are they in a devourer’s hole?
Maybe they were traded for a wisdom scroll?

No one knows where the pants could be.
But it does not matter, you see,
Armed with a beard and lab enchants.
A real templar just doesn’t need pants.

Watch me read the book here:

View the pages:

hi all, here is my Lycosidae (forest version)

I never made something like this before, it was fun. Thanks for competition :)

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