Path of Exile Craft Competition

Glacial Hammer Skill Gem wood carved by hand out of a block of Jelutong.

Extremely happy myself with how it turned out.

Half the challenge of woodcarving for me at least is finding a reason to make something, so I'm glad I caught wind of this thread and figured why not.

I threw in extra images and a gif of the finished project and the making of in an album here:

Hope someone gets a kick out of it.
Hey Folks. I just wanted to give a quick update to the Woodripper.

I managed to get some dark brown woodglaze and i simply took a shoelace as the string. Hope you guys enjoy! Have you ever seen the true face of cosplay Exile?
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"hi everyone here is my entry for the contest... my Delve Crawler made with scrap. I hope you guys enjoy!"

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My interpretation of Midnight Bargain from paper
Hello everyone :)

Here's my entry for this contest.
My interpretation of the Blood Thorn!


Here you can see the process :)


The base is carved out of expanding foam; rose and spikes made of recycled paper.
Then I covered everything with vinyl glue and more paper to give it some strength.
Spray-painted it and added some shades with darker colors.

Here some bonus pics just to see the detals :P




I hope you will like it!

Abyssal Armour Set + Headhunter Collection

Hello everyone. I'm ND, a fashion designer from Hong Kong.

For this competition, I'd like to recreate a whole set of Abyssal Armour plus a model of headhunter and try my best to keep it as close to hows its shown in game. Hope you guys would enjoy my entry - Special thanks to SingSing and Kiu for helping me to model the collection and help with the photography.

Clothes & Art Direction : ND (andaerial2)
Makeup Artist & Model : SingSing (kenhoyt)
Photographer : Kiu

Abyssal Armour Set + Headhunter Shot:


Styling Shots:




Here are some making of photos for the project.

Making Of:


GIF during photoshoot:


Thanks for watching, hope you guys enjoy the entry!

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Update on the Ventor's I've been working on! I tried polishing it and it came out pretty well! Still has some tiny scratches but so does the in-game thumbnail so I'm not too worried about that. Hopefully gonna paint the divots and get better photos this weekend.

Hello Gamers

My Eternal Map device metallcraft

Gl & Hf
Ventor's Gamble and give away! Check the reddit thread for details.

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