Path of Exile Craft Competition

This is my submission for crafting competition, this was made solely on a $0 budget as shown of the pictures in the spoilers :D

Haven't seen much fossil thing going on and I really love to delve while also most of the time farming black sides.

Close up, had fun doing these, would have been absolutely wonderful if my hand didn't shake all the time from pressing those flask buttons since I'm a leftie ):C
Began on October 3rd then postponed a few days due to real life activities

Better if they were cakes? Hmm

Lots of cutting and what not.

Woo budget lighting haha!
Fossil stands, one didn't make it, out of material, lol.

Scene! Action!


Hey, at least that took some dedication and had fun to do so, yeah.

Mirror drop at t8 pier in legacy league :>
Second Mirror drop at t16 promenade in delirium league :▲
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I'm not a great photographer, but here's the great old one's ward.



Made with paper clay, a lot of layers of paint, and a "crystal sombrero" chip and dip bowl as a base. Heh.

Mad props to my path buddy who both cheered me on while making it and let me use his garage during a very windy Saturday so I could get the damn thing spray painted.

*edit* oh dang it, missed the submission time. Thought it was a day later (I blame the 20 hour time zone difference) Oh weeeeeeeeeell.
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Delve fossils and azurites made with resin, polymer clay, and paint.

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This is my submission of a model of the Faith Guard set with the Faith Guard cloak and bow for the Craft Competition

More angels for your viewing pleasure.


Fun facts
It is 22 cm tall
Most of it is paper, the other parts being wood and plastic and a string.
I hope i made it in time...
I build a little Temple-of-Atzoatl-Dollhouse. It comes with several rooms, an Apex and a lot of tiny figures which mostly can be moved around. I used tons of cardboard, paint, glue, and made the figures out of self-hardening clay.

Now all you need to do is imagining a little Alva joyfully playing with it :)
and if you want to see more...



After all these great works this:



P.S it was my first attempt at sculpting
P.P.S. may be money would be better? I mean 40 ex for each participant would be great and mirrors for winners :(
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Hello everyone, this is my submission for the craft competition, a living crown of eyes!

Here's a vidéo of the crown working

I made it mainly out of stuff I found at home, already had the arduino and the motor.
I ran out of time so the paint isn't really great and some details are missing.
I decided to put 8 abyss jewels as bottom eyes, because they weren't going to move.
The crown's body is made of cardboard and paper-maché, the eyes are made out of clay/plastic spheres/ping-pongball, sticks are chopsticks and plastic stiring rods.

Here's more images of the making progress:


I had a lot of fun doing this and I'm really hyped for the next competition!

Hope you like it
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I have no chance against this incredible entries.... fml
Unfortunately I started a bit too late due to the pumpkins not getting into stores till a few days ago; so i ended up missing the deadline. Thought you guys might like to see it anyway as I'm super pleased with how it come out.

I'll make sure to get a pumpkin delivery in next year.

Stay Sane this Halloween!

ArafelTeg wrote:
I made the amulet, Tear of Purity. I cut apatite gemstone and fabricated the sterling silver setting. I think I might have missed the deadline. I didn't realize that New Zealand was 20 hours into the future! If I don't get to participate at least I can show what I did. =)

Wire-wrapping technique fan, eh? Do you happen to have any tips about how to get started with it, any tutorials you're recommend, etc.? I've been planning it for 2 years but feel too unsure.

Your amulet is awesome!
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