Path of Exile Craft Competition

This is the Headhunter leather belt. Quite literally a leather belt. I figured that since I have yet to get one in-game, I'll just craft one! It is made from a continuous piece of leather about 2.5 to 3 feet long.

Close Up Pics

Progress Pics

More Pics of the wife :)

Her waist was smaller than mine. The piece of leather was a tad too small for me.

IGN: Beardedwizzard
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My small entry for the contest :)


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Hey all

I've tried to make my fav cosmetic shield - Carnage! It even have candles! It don't look like I've imagined it but I put lot of work into it and I'm proud of it. For obvious reasons I couldn't do flowing blood so I imitated it with canvas.

P.S. I love all submissions and I hope all of you win!
My submission for the competition: the dragon banners back attachment. [img][/img]
That happens when mother still playing poe:

Resonator as a shape matching toy, it have a set of fossils that fit to the specific holes:

dodecahedron light

dodecahedron dark

making of

I've repaired rest of the resonators, but my paint don't want to work
First attempt at making a 3 Dimensional object from a game woo!

I attempted to make Lavianga's spirit! It took forever, but it is made out of; a glass cup, foam board, Clay, metallic acrylic, stained glass paint, and a marble.

I wish I could crop the images, but photoshop decided to really not want to cooperate because of the update I had to install today.


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Starforge is one of my favorite swords in the game and I decided to make a small copy of this sword so that it would always be with me. Here is my cross-stitch keychain Starforge.

I tried to recreate my favourite item, The Dancing Dervish, with my hands, some wood and some paper strips.

This is the result

Delving on with determination
IRL Varunastra as correct to size as possible. This is my second sword after Starforge.

It is around 80cm long and a kg or two heavy. The white lines glow in the dark like in game but I'm having trouble uploading a vid of it (might add try to add it later).

EDIT: Vid can't capture the glow properly so had to take a photo with a good camera and fix levels.

Size IRL

Work in progress pics
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Hi all, here's some Azurite I made from rocks and gems.

EDIT: I added some photos so you could see the processes too.
Also, The last video was shot with my stand-alone camera and it's not very good. Here's a better one that I shot with my phone.

Old Video
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