Path of Exile Craft Competition

Big white bird helmet and back attachment effect : (modelling clay for kids)

I'm not a good sculptor ^^. A big white bird like this would be cool as helmet effect and back attachment effect. This is my final proposition ! I swear.

Here is my first submission for this competition.

It's a coaster made of perler beads with my own design of the ever popular Burial Chambers map.

Im planning on making some more to make it a set, including some shaped and elder ones, but wanted to upload this one to keep me going.

My gaming setup.

And since Im a Dad, you have to look at how cute my daughter is.

Thanks for the consideration!
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It is not easy to recognize and not easy to put on a pizza

Tip: Noodle Hairs ;)

after baking

Eating was easier than making it :D
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Here is my entry.

I have made a set of tier 1-16 maps (from lookout to maze of the minotaur) and the Path of Exile logo for good measure all out of cake.

I also included the elusive Vaal Temple map.

The cakes were all made by hand (lemon cupcakes for the small maps, vanilla victoria sponge for the minotaur and a chocolate sponge for the logo). All icing was made by hand with the exception of the fondant icing for the white base of the logo and the "PATH" & "EXILE" lettering (hand shaped by me though!).

Close ups

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Need a map Exile? I made cakes ^^

Filled with chocolate for your liking!

They are baked from a custom silicone mold, itself made from a plaster model :

Hope you like it, stay sane!
Celestial hood + Obsidian Seraph Body Armour

i will make another entry soon :) ive painted of black an old cosplay for this entry lul

Homarus Malleus

an improv take of the 'Callinellus Malleus' unique one-handed mace

crafted with
lobster knuckle shell
metallic claw-shaped lobster crackers
pen and paper

no living lobsters were harmed in the making of this weapon...
but they were damn delicious!
And here you have my clockwork golem - created only from paper.






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The first one is starforge made in polymer clay.

The second one is also polymer clay but a divine rhoa pet

Click on image to open Youtube-movie

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