Path of Exile Craft Competition

I starting making an entry for this contest today based on The Pantheon. Might be a dumb question but do I have to post a start date on my submission to prove I did it after the contest post? My paranoia is real sometimes
Stainless steel coin.

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That is damn neat, did you use acid etching or something?

Anyways, I decided to make my favourite shield:


Had some issues with the spider since I don't think we have any in this region. Luckily a random thing I found in my room volunteered as substitute :D
Lego Minifigure versions of Innocence and Elementalist Witch.

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I've been thinking about trying my hand at metalworking and/or jewelry for a little bit now, and when I saw this competition I decided now was a perfect time to give it a shot! I looked at all the unique items in the game and ended up settling on the Ventor's Gamble. It's not finished, but I figured I'd show you guys how it's going so far!

All the cuts have been made, so now I just have to sand, polish, and paint it! I chose this one because it looked easy enough to cut from a length of square brass stock. I brought it as a project for a mill/lathe class today and ended up doing all of it on the mill. If you'd like to see a little bit of the process, the rest of the pics I took are in this album, with captions.
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This is my entry for the Craft Contest! Full Menu based on the Pantheon of gods! each is a real recipe, I'm not writing them all yet it will take forever lol. this is a proof of concept before I make it professionally. Will be making more dishes but I can only eat so much

I made some resonators using fusion 360. Printed on an ultimaker 2+.
These were all sanded, sprayed with filler primer, sanded again and then sprayed with an airbrush (gold, aluminium, arctic blue and copper). Then I weathered them using black and burnt umber oil paints. To get some highlights back I used more gold paint an silver rub 'n buff.

Pictures of some of those steps here :
If you want to print them youself you can get the .stl files here :

Laugh all you want, but this is my entry! This is my lucky talisman (coin? Though it's burned in wood) that I made this tuesday to help me pass my engineer exam. And guess what? I did it through :) I know it's more laughable than competetive, yet it gave me luck so it works :)
Potions concoction / flasks vendor

Two flasks make you stronger, one flask makes you faster, one flask makes your skills greater and the last one that mother gives you don't do anything at all.

' I remember an undying templar, retired nowadays, he lives in an old forest because he became sick after spending his life drinking too much potions during ten years to kill large packs of monsters in Wraeclast. If you meet him, think he still probably always under flask effect. Duration is not clearly a question of time, Exile.

My advice for you Exile : Stay brutal ! Always under flask effect. '

The potion maker.
Big white bird helmet and back attachment effect : (modelling clay for kids)

I'm not a good sculptor ^^. A big white bird like this would be cool as helmet effect and back attachment effect. This is my final proposition ! I swear.

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