Shared Mines and Sulphite Rebalance

Higher-tier maps will grant significantly more Sulphite, but their corresponding depths will cost more Sulphite than before

Is this a buff or nerf for someone who is going to delve the high depths?
Trading still sucks
Not enough good. I farm sulphite on T16 and i HATE this. I reached 300 depth and will not go any deeper because of this ridiculous costs. This leagues is disappointment because i have to play "standard" in order to play league a bit.
In The Quarry is 31, but in Tier 16 maps it's 241

ps: i no kare about SRS dmg anymore too (lul).
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Good changes (esp. the sulphite scaling with map quantity), I'm just not sure how giving more sulphite in high maps but at the same time increasing costs, will improve the experience?

I'm sure most players prefer to be stopped by difficulty scaling, not by entry ticket costs.

Also a possible small negative side-effect of having a shared Azurite mine: as the mine grows larger and larger, so will the loading times of its map.
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they're not in HC anymore if they're dead... my guess is your mine progress can revert back to deepest of that league's characters?
I am not understanding how these changes help anything.

I do not want to share a single mine between my characters... PLEASE do not make this change mandatory. As an option, sure, maybe... but mandatory just flat out sucks.

The sulfite thing was a non-issue for me, so I imagine the "fix" will either be annoying or also a non-issue. But, the way that it reads, it will become mandatory to do high level maps in order to do low-level delves. Hmmm... yeah. Ok... we'll see.
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I don't feel like I want the mine itself shared between all characters. Even if it is infinite side to side, I'd rather each character have their own.

What I'd like instead is for Niko's maximum depth to be scaled based on the highest depth you've reached on your account in the given league, up to maximum or 200 or so (maybe have him trail behind by 20 depths or so). Then Niko would then be tunneled down to that depth on all characters on your account for that league.
I was excited for all of 10 seconds, then I read the post...

so basically the league and the entire delve concept is still shit, most people wont ever get through the sulphate grind required to really push the mines, the entire concept is a failure and absolutely not what you sold us in the buildup.


Any chance we can have some alternate endgame to maps added to the game soon? Like maybe an endless dungeon? Cause maps are really fucking boring after playing them for 5 years. Maybe some kind of competitive pve stuff where players can go in against hard content and have a ladder etc, like diablos greater rifts? Any chance of you adding some content like this?

Or are you too busy making super gated loot drop bullshit that the people pushing pay 1k chaos a day buying t15 maps and just jumping to the node then porting out, and if your not doing this you cant actually get up there and compete?

garbage game.
I have a bad feeling that, at depth 320 and dropping, I will at best break even on this change. This is a shame since I am already getting burned out grinding sulphite to go deeper.

edit: as to shared delve, surprise surprise it is a mixed opinion one.. nobody saw that coming in general discussion /s
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Time to do all the quarry farming before the new changes kick in. Tralala.

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