Shared Mines and Sulphite Rebalance

I've been meaning to make a feedback thread about this expansion, but every time I've felt ready to, the community has already given solid feedback, and you guys have already outlined plans to fix the bulk of issues.

I can't help but compare it to WoW, which launched around the same time as's a clusterfuck over there. They just don't listen to valid criticism - when they do it's at a snail's pace. Compare that to what we saw in this post, "it's clear we were wrong".

The difference is night and day.

GGG has been patching these new leagues faster and faster it seems since Harbinger, and I can't think of another team that does it like this. It's great. The lack of hubris to give the community 'fun' instead of rigidly sticking to the drawing room script for league mechanics and tuning is refreshing too.

TY Chris and team.

The changes to Sulphite will hopefully encourage delve-map-delve play patterns, but not force people to push to high tier maps just to enjoy delve league.

I, for one, liked that you got a new mine when you started a new character. You got new opportunities and each character got a unique delve experience.

Also, I'm a bit worried that this might make delve a lot easier by letting you swap characters for bosses and pushing and stuff, then go back to a speedy character to do side areas, meaning people don't have to make the choice of either going deep or searching fast.

(note: I'm bads so I'm not even at depth 100 yet >.< maybe these concerns don't hold down deep?)
Happy with most of these changes in theory (in practice we'll see), except for the no sulphite sharing between characters. It's not a make-it-or-break-it kind of deal for me, but if I had my rathers I'd like to be able to use one character mostly for delves and another mostly for mapping. I'm loving my LLRF character for delves, but less regen/max resists on maps is really rough for it. On the other hand, the other build I have doesn't care about those mods (much) and can happily run those maps. Having more than one character to work around each other's weaknesses has always been a viable approach to map progression, so it's odd that the same isn't being applied to sulphite farming.
Yeah TheExistantOne I agree with you.

Awful changes. Special for HC players...
I don't like to do 10 different characters for one league. I just don't have time for it. Wanna have fun and play with 1 hero and just reroll when I die... . But the changes they made promoting to have few heroes geared and ready for delving... .
I imagine that I'm going really deep like 300+ and then what? Best option will be making like 10 another heroes specific for some map section mods in delve and jumping between them... . Another one or two just for zoom zoom fast farming fossils/resonators
Just remove this stupid sulphite thing.
Awesome !
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Awful and sloppy job, kicking a chunk of your hc playerbase in the face. So sad there was no better solution.
Those changes suck.
Also RIP hardcore delve ladder. We now have ressurect tokens at delve ladder. Died while trying to get that #1 spot? no problem, just complete 10 delves, forget about those 500 depths before that. F
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Chris wrote:

Note that we do not plan to share Sulphite between characters on your account. It is important that you are capable of earning the Sulphite on the character that needs to spend it.

Why is it so important for the specific character to earn the sulphite? This makes playing slow walking builds such a chore when compared to fast ones.
Great news. Even high level maps gave a pitiful amount of sulphite per minute compared to quarry spam.
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In order to compensate for the larger amounts of Sulphite that you will have, we will increase the caps on Sulphite at all upgrade levels.

So if we have max cap right now, we will have max cap when this patch hits??

Also, don't like the sulphite changes.. Being forced to map is lame.. Been mapping for years now, I want to do something different.
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