Shared Mines and Sulphite Rebalance

good changes

this is looking very nice, looking forward to getting back to the delves!
This is why I love this game! Woooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Higher-tier maps will grant significantly more Sulphite, but their corresponding depths will cost more Sulphite than before.

Doesn't this kind of cancel out the idea behind the change?
Chris wrote:
It is important that you are capable of earning the Sulphite on the character that needs to spend it.

why? give us a good reason please because it makes no sense at all, it would make more sense if you could have one char to map with full IIQ, one for delving deep and one for doing bosses (just to name a few examples)

At least the shared mine is a really good change, thanks for reading the feedback and changing the game acordingly, at the start of the league I kinda felt bad for you as a dev. because I know you always thought of path of exile as something more harder than it is and delve at launch was hard, with the EMP and such, but well, hopefully one day you could ran your own version of the game for really hardcore people :D

cheers and thanks!
Thanks for this. Please also improve party play in the mine, such as azurite allocation (either shared between party members or allocated to the mine owner who paid sulphite)
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what the fuck, I made a new character just to have a new delve now it's going to merge with my main char's?

Been really hating to farm alot for sulphite to finish delving so fast.
Awesome stuff!

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