Shared Mines and Sulphite Rebalance

LMTR14 wrote:
next patch should improve that issue they say. btw you made some good points in this thread. I agree that nearly all decisions ggg makes have to be considered from an economical standpoint foremost

Thank you, and good to hear.

Too much censorship that you never even see. Totally removed posts and silenced accounts across all communities.

A lot of this is completely untrue. There is a steep learning curve however if you are just starting. Builds are NEVER completely the same unless you mirror every item etc. Builds that are listed are GUIDES not a MUST in any circumstance. As for being hampered, I am not sure what you are getting at here but, you do realize that you are playing an arpg, correct? You earn your way, shit just isn't supposed to fall in your lap. As for a TCG game, I don't think you really understand the 1. history behind poe and 2. the purpose of an arpg. If the game didn't challenge you then why the hell would anyone play it? End game bosses are possible. Just because you haven't reached it doesn't mean that it isn't. Have you done the actual research? Path of exile list just about every single algorithm that they use to do everything with. Maybe try and take a week and do some reading? You are complaining about a free to play game, not only free to play but without the pay to win aspect, a game that is updated more frequently than most others, and devs who pay more attention to the community than most and you are gonna complain about mechanics? Advantage vs. disadvantage? I have one solid question. How on earth does anyone make a successful build for ANYONE TO COPY if it were impossible? Just enjoy, ask questions on how to improve things. Sure, it can be frustrating, but rome wasn't built in a day!

since I lost my post after almost completing it just a short version:

you assume poe is a multiplayer game, however I assume it's a single player game with optional multiplayer. in a competitive multiplayer (!) game doing research of course is a mandatory part of playing, but I refuse to do any research that goes beyond looking up simple things like e.g. solutions to puzzles or where to go next in a single-player game. no single-player game ever required a build guide for me to beat it, and I play single-player games ever since the age of DOS! a single-player game that can't be beaten by a dedicated player with at least average gaming skill (as in reactions, hand to eye coordination etc) eventually because he is required to use meta knowledge not visible anywhere in the game itself (!) is badly designed, plain and simple. poe is the only game I've ever played that is like that.

the problem here is that chris wilson also thinks poe is some kind of bastard child of an mmo where the single-player is just a tacked on afterthought when it is actually the other way around!!! (wilson is the sole bottleneck crippling poe and needs to be FIRED ALREADY)

at least 99% of builds will never be able to beat the final bosses in single-player, which is completely unacceptable in a game with 700 billion different build options!!! not surprising most people actually quit a league when they beat the 10 acts.

people who make builds are no-lifers who trade spam all day, as that is the only way to get the top tier uniques (I've never found one and I'm playing since beta). not interested in that as poe is a single-player game and I deserve (!) to find items that allow me to beat the game eventually (that is the challenge! nobody says it has to be easy, however it DOES have to be guaranteed) MYSELF. however, at some point in endgame, with 99% of builds, your char simply can't get any stronger anymore (finding items upgrades yourself? LOL that never happens), and that is way before you reach the final bosses. and that is fucking insanely bad game design.

if my forum build ca raider can't get to the endgame of course I'll once again quit this game. I got into steam achievements now, so there's better things to do for me. and nothing is free in life. time is money, and people waste so so much damn time (and emotions) on this artificially brickwalled game that could've been the greatest thing ever if not for wilson's inane stubbornness.

but look at my signature! we got ssf, and now we got an alternative endgame! (though delve sucks ass for many many reasons). when player numbers go down enough, we will also get the auction house and the other things I and many other people want to see in the game, because that is the way business works.
since I have no hope for significant game design improvements in this game I am officially done with Path of Exile. done for good
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I didn't write that, so I'm going to assume that your post isn't directed to me, tell me if otherwise.
SSF is not and will never be a standard for balance, it is not for people entitled to getting more without trading.
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right. it's fixed now with the correct name, sorry for that
since I have no hope for significant game design improvements in this game I am officially done with Path of Exile. done for good
The root of the problema is how slow the mine scales in difficulty.
Because it takes so many nodes and so much sulphite to achieve any sense of progress, that makes the players desperate to not have to repeat the whole process again, and pushes them to do very boring stuff to get the sulphite they need for that little progress.
Going from depth 110 to 115 feels the same, like nothing happend. You need to at least delve 25-50 deeper to feel progress, and that takes way too many sulphite.
The solution is to accelerate the rate of difficulty increase per node depthness.
Divide it in half.
Make it so depth 300 is as hard as depth 600 is now, make the monester reach 83 at depth 120, and so on.
630 Sulphite from T15 maps... GG. Also non shared sulphite and the lousy Delve 70 mechanic sucks big time. When you got the equip ready to reroll a new char, prepare your brain for ultimate dumbed down insanity grinds. How is this even funny grinding from 73 to 270 to get anywhere near there where you stopped? If I unlock the damn atlas on a character, I could jump straight into T16s with a 75 Char, if I would like to waste maps. Why this dumb boring crap in Delve? GGG does it every single time. They accidently make a cool league, than they give us this damn bad side taste in our mouths...
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Delve had such a good potential for being the best league from at least the last two years, sadly GGG has decided to ruin it and ignore all the player base requests as for the sulphite balance and delve encounters, I just feel like any other game would be worth playing instead of PoE, sadly .
1st post!

So I see a lot of people are having the same issues that I'm now facing. I spend half of the day farming 18k sulphite in t15-14-13 maps for a very useless 30 minutes delve run.

Why useless? Because not only I died like 5 times at depth 270-ish and lost that sulphite, but even after I completed the encounters I did it all for 6 chisels, 4 chaos, and so on. However there was nothing of worth, so I felt like I wasted half of day for random crap that you can find anywhere. What's up with that?

I like the mechanic and the idea behind delve and I would gladly spend 4 hours going deeper and deeper if it didn't cost so much or anything at all. But seeing how there are people already at 2700 depth, there's no competition here, no rewards, only death and frustration.

So my question is why would I keep going? Repeat the same boring thing day after day without any incentive? I have all the items, I have 3 interesting builds, a lot of currency. What now? Waste another day for a 30 min run in delve? No thank you.

Unless something changes drastically to make this content enjoyable I don't see myself doing it again, ever.

Add some good rewards, some random encounters that you weren't expecting, a chase mechanic (something chasing you in the mine) or whatever and at least cut in half the price for delving if not more.

Until then, I bid you farewell.
Agree with some ppl who ask for reduce sulphite cost.

Spend half day on hard farming 18k sulphite in t15+ maps to waste them on a very useless 30-40 minutes delve for no return.

Delve have so crazy NON BALANCED damage that most build should go Poet Pen VD with pathfinder or just die and waste all ur sulphites on 1 run.

Thats just bad.
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I am approaching Delve 220 now. Most of the time I went down, but more was not doable due the sulphite costs.

It´s crazy how a medium node takes 1.2k of sulphite that I only get in two red maps. I need to run about 30-40 red ones, to fill my 18k bar, it´s crazy.

And yes, I run my maps around 100 Quantity.

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