[3.4 to 3.8] Soulwrest phantasms 100% cold convert fast clearing - ez boss

After few patch, there are so many stuff can be upgrade summoner to the next level. So i comeback to poe with a new build. Soulwrest 100% cold convert summoner.
The idea is using new gloves

Convert all physical damage from minions to cold. And Hatred will gain 19% more cold damage. Main Dps is from phantasms (clearing) and vaal skeletons (for boss) and zombies defense + buff Feeding frenzy. I use 3 spectres name Death Bishop. They cast curse Frostbite reduce cold resistance. Here is the new gears i added to this build.

This helmet consume 10 corpses every 5 seconds. Help you summon more phantasms. The skill also heal you a lot. Put your auras on it reduce 20% mana reserved and +1 level socketed gems. Level 21 Hatred gain 19% more cold damage. So level 20 Hatred is enough.

This chest is really cheap this league. It have all i need. A lot of stats especially dex. Mana reserved. And Aspect of the Avian. So i run 4 auras Hatred, Zealotry, Purity of Element, Aspect of the Avian. 9% mana reserved on the chest is perfect fit for 4 auras. 5L is ok because i only use zombies for tank and buff Frenzy to other minions.

Your Skeletons is here. I only use Vaal Skeleton for boss, Blight defense or Red beast. It help my DPS a lot. Almost Red map boss die in 5 seconds.

A bit espensive jewel but it's worth.

I also use Intuitive leap jewel to gain some defense and one more golem. You can check my character name JuzellBright to see where jewels placed.
Or Pob: https://pastebin.com/AXS4vxqE
My potato PC can't record video with that much minions. But it much faster and stronger than old build.
All gears

Welcome to the easiest build of my life. I find out Delve league has super insane new uniques: Soulwrest - Give you 20 Phantasms with crazy clear speed. You only need 6 sockets on staff and have available 6L on body armour. Since Phantasms use very similar auras and jewels like Raging spirits and GGG buffed minion a lot stuff. I just combine perfectly. Now we have 20 phantasms and 20 Raging spirits with crazy clear speed and single target DPS at the same time.
My current gears is here

Magic find gears

Since we run very fast so here is magic find version. Changing boots will lose a lot of clearing speed then i keep it. One Jewel and you have all dexterity in the world.

Gears explaining
My choices
Weapon: Soulwrest Ezomyte Staff. New staff for phatasms. You only need 6 sockets to make it work. Looking for high roll physical damage for minions and cast speed

Boots: Bubonic Trail. Here is the magic trick. This boots give you skill Death Walk. The skill explore corpse around you. You walking over a corpse, one phantasm summoned. Every thing you do is walking, flask, loot items.

Body armour: The Covenant. Your Raging sprits gems place here. The reason i choose this one because it has blood magic to Raging sprits. So i don't have to care about mana. You can use 5L and upgrade to 6L later.

Gloves: Command of the Pit. Give your Raging spirits +1000 accuracy. With some increase accuracy for minions on skill tree. SRS chance to hit >90%. Huge buff. You only need 1 abyss socket

Helmet: Rare bone helmet. There is no enchantment on helmet good for both phantasm and SRS. So i use bone helmet. Looking for life and resistances. If you have + 1-3 level socketed minion gems, put flesh offering and stone golem on it.

Amulet: rare amulet grant lv 22 haste. Haste need a lot of dexterity requirement. With this amulet I have free 1 socket and less dexterity needed. When i swap Haste to Wrath for more DPS, i use a rare one with life, resistance and some dex.

Rings: rare rings with life and resistances, some missing stats. If you have unset ring with +3 level socketed gem, put flesh offering on it.

Belt: rare belt with life and resistances.

Flasks: I have no idea. This is my choices.

Jewels: All jewels are ghastly eyes jewel. Looking for:
- Tier 1 flat physical damage for minions. Best mod for damage, work for both phantasm and SRS. With the staff, you can easily have >100 physical damage for your minions (Flat damage only have 85% value on Raging spirits for balance). Remember lv 20 SRS only have 222-333 physical damage.
- Minion damage if you cast a minion skill recently.
- Minion movement speed. SRS is melee minion, so minion movement speed is very important for clearing.
- minion atk spd, cast speed, flat minion elemental damage.
- Life, resistances, some missing stats...

Gems setup

Phantasm deal physical piercing projectiles spell. That is what GGG give to us. Lucky for you. I played Ethereal Knives before. Sadly spell echo doesn't work. Here is all stuff I tested for you:
- Staff:
Summon phantasm on kill - Minion damage - Faster casting - Controlled destruction - Physical to lightning - Greater Multi Projectiles
For boss: Replace GMP to Slower projectiles. If you have colour problem, you can replace Added fire damage with physical to lightning

- Body armour:
For mapping: Minion damage - Melee physical - Empower(4) - Element damage with atk - Melee Spash
For boss: replace Melee Spash with Multistrike. Empower(4) is expensive and you might have colour problem, some gems could work: Minion speed, added fire damage, physical to lightning, elemental focus

- 4 links: Stone Golem - Raise Spectre - Minion and totem elemental resistance

- Auras: Hatred - Generosity - Wrath.
I need one aura affect to myself, so Ascendancy Commander of Darkness could work. Then i need to use level 1 Clarity.
Haste is the best for mapping. You can replace with Wrath for boss.

- Dececrate and Flesh offering

- Phase run - Increased duration Permanent Phase run. Clear faster and boss fight safer.

For Spectres

I find out 3 spectre good for this build.

+ Defiler cast elemental weakness. Act 2 The Crypt level 2.
+ Carnage Chieftain The Ashen Fields act 7 grant frenzy charge.
+ Undying Evangelist act 3 The Sceptre of God. Cast a shield protect your phantasm. Good for boss. Link spectre with Blood magic, they will cast spell more often.

How to raise those spectre?
- Step 1: Go to the Crypt. Raise one Defiler.
- Step 2: Back to your hide out. Open a high tier map
- Step 3: Spam Dececrate till you found Defiler.

Skill tree, Ascendancy, Bandits, Pantheon
Level 26

Level 46

Level 73

End game tree

Bandits: 2 points

Pantheons: Soul of Lunaris, Soul of Shakari


If you are new to summoner, it might help
Level 1-8: using freezing pulse
Buy Melee Splash, Minion damage. Link it with raging spirit
Take raise zombie from quest. Link it with melee splash, minion damage too.
Add added fire damage to SRS
- Act 2: Add melee physical, Minion speed. Take Clarity for mana regen
- Act 3: Buy Hatred, Raise spectre
- Act 4: Stone golem.
Keep using srs till level 62. You can use Soulwrest. Phantasm will clear everything.
Gears: Looking for boots have movement speed. Use 2 Quicksilver flask. Lv 26 buy Mark of the red covenant.

Mechanic and Questions

- How can you have 20 phantasms?
Soulwrest grants we a skill: Summon phantasm. Put Summon phantasm on skill support on the staff. They are different skill but summon the same minion. Some how it make maximum phantasm to 20. I hope GGG let us having fun.

- How good is command of the pit?
Raging spirit have ~ 380 accuracy at lv 20. In Delve, We have 160% increase accuracy for minion from skill tree. SRS chance to hit ~75% now. With command of the pit. Chance to hit >90%.

- How about end game boss?
Both phantasm and srs are not tanky. They die easily with area spell. The reason I play srs to boost DPS to the highest. So I can kill boss before all my minions die. Tier 15 and below are easy but some boss like hydra, phoenix, shaper... They will take a long time to beat. The spectre name Undying Evangelist could help a bit. But I wouldn't recommended to fight end game boss. This build can play as league start, super cheap, clear and moving very fast.
If you have ideas or videos, you can post reply below. I will add it to build soon


My other build:

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Interesting build, do you have a pob, leveling trees and leveling method coming soon? I might try this out.
Huh... so if placing another phatasm gem in the staff, it counted as seperated set of 10?! @,@
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cryyyy wrote:
Interesting build, do you have a pob, leveling trees and leveling method coming soon? I might try this out.

I still work on it. Just add skill tree and some stuff coming soon
xonedl wrote:
Huh... so if placing another phatasm gem in the staff, it counted as seperated set of 10?! @,@

Soulwrest grant Summon phantasms skill, the gem is summon phantasms "on kill". So it is 2 different skill. I don't know how it work but you can check skill in character screen. Phantasm deal spell physical damage like ethereal knives.
It's interesting using both resulted in more phatasm.

But since POB didn't show any stat about Phantasm it's a bit hard to gauge how effective is this. Only way is to field test :p So far what I felt is:
- while clearing is great, you basically a walking death don't need to do much; it's not that great for hard bossing. Map boss up to T15 is fine even, but when we talk about Shaper Guardian+ I find this is rather tough to dish out comparable damage to Vaal Skeleton.
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Just upgrade 6L body armor and a watcher eye jewel. Some convert physic to elemental on watcher eye could be nice but too expensive for me. Because i linked wrath to generosity so i have to use lv 1 clarity for aura effect from Ascendancy.
hey there mate, i was wondering do you think this build would be capable to do bosses like elder and guardians?
ayvanas wrote:
hey there mate, i was wondering do you think this build would be capable to do bosses like elder and guardians?

This build isn't only clear speed. Single target is super high. I plan to play only SRS and suddenly find out phantasm. This build is both strong and fast. I really hope GGG not kill it.
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Added video tier 15 Carcass. Swap CWDT + Immortal call to Phase run + Inc Duration. Permanent Phase run now. Clear faster and boss fight safer. Completely change from Haste to Wrath
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