[3.2] Scion - ANCESTRAL WARCHIEF TOTEM - Cheap - Friendly - Starter - 1,5M end game

I make a version of this build with Chielftain + Slayer and Multiple Totems. Now we have 4 totems(Maybe 5 with other shield). Each totem has ~300k dps and could be more. I have ~6k5 hp and hard to be one shot. Totems alway leech life for you so just don't do something stupid, you live. I also use Phase Run. So we just place totems and Phase run to the corner. Very very easy gameplay. Here is Pob (Character name is JuzellTrash) : https://pastebin.com/0pEaVAGS
I don't understand skill tree node Runebinder so i didn't use it. You can use one more Onslaught and one Sin's Rebirth flask for more damage. Loreweave isn't important. There are a lot of work could be upgrade. I just use some gears i have in std but it still work as usual. The build get buff but i think it's not OP

In 3.2 Ascendancy get buff so hard. Champion is stronger. Hierophant always has +1 totem.That mean you don't have to use The helmet Bringer of rain. You can change to 6L body armor and wear Abyssus or other helmet. But 8% damage taken as your mana from Hierophant is annoying. I currently only use aura Hatred and Clarity lv. You can try enchantment "Regenerate 2% of Life and Mana per second if you were Hit Recently" on boots. Here is my setup for 3.2 in std. DPS could go higher (~2M) with Great old one and Sin's Rebirth but i think mine is enough. PoB: https://pastebin.com/fvFk7pn7

- Links: AW - Melee Phys - Faster Atk - Maim - Ruthless -Inc Area/Concentrated Effect
- Pure Talent is only good for mapping. You can drop it and change tree for better boss kill.
- Old build below from 3.1 is budget starter and lvling.
- If you have any question or update, post comment below. Cheer!

In Abyss league, we have so many strong Abyss jewel. Those jewel make so many build available and one of the old build has crazy comeback. Ancestral Warchief is alway a friendly build for new players and i find out some gears can help us do every contents in the game with less currency, less time to play and not required skill.
1.Build Concept
This build is played around an unique name Facebreaker.

Facebreaker give you 600-800% physical atack damage while unarm. That mean you have x6-x8 physical atk damage when you don't wear any weapon (currency saved).
Mechanic is very simple. Find some physical damage from other gear and x6-x8 it with Facebreaker. Use warchief totem, they will fight for you.

2.Pros and Cons
+ High damage - boss killer
+ Very cheap, no need 6L or expensive gear
+ Can do all contents, any map mod
+ Very tanky
+ Easy leveling from low level
+ New players friendly - no skill required - no APM required
+ Totem build with normal clear speed
+ Magic find will lose a lot dps

3.Skill tree, Ascendancy, POB
3.1. Skill tree
3.2. Ascendancy
+ Go for Hierophant then Champion and Path of Duelist
+ Hierophant give you 1 more totem with skill from helmet. More totem more damage. While unarm crit chance = 0%. So power charge do nothing. You only need 1 more totem from this node.
+ Champion give you and your totem fortify, taunt on hits and 30% more damage, 5% damage reduction. Taunt on hit make sure boss and monster alway attack your totems not us. You can stay in middle combat and still alive.
+ If you want more dps you can choose Chielftain Ascendancy. I choose Champion because i'm lazy.
3.3. Paths of building

3.4. Bandits
+ Kill all or help Oak

4. Gears and explaining
4.1 Uniques

+ Require Gloves, all of your dps come from here. Facebreaker drop like candy and very cheap even with high roll (From 1 alchemy to 20 chaos). Remember dont wear any weapon (you need remove Auto-equip in option)

+ Free 7 links body armor with 1c price. 20-30 physical damage to atk. Can't use chest armour (more currency saved)
+ This is replacement for our body armour. you dont need 6L body armour anymore. you can still wear a tabula for lvling some skill gems

+ An unique shield give your totem 15% area effect and 0.5% of your totem damage leech to YOU as life. This shield make your life more comfort, tanky. 30c for this shield is worthy. If you want more dps, you can use Great old one shield for 1c. It still a great shield for all warchief build. I choose Trolltimber because i'm lazy.

+ Lion Roar give you the most dps flask, some armour and knockback enemies. Best Flask for this build.
you can buy it around 10c or trade Earth Drinker Divination cards

+ Some other uniques flask give you the same dps. those might be expensive but not required

+ New unique jewel was born for scion. In this build this jewel give you 15 area effect, 25 all stats and 1% damage leech as life. Sadly 1% leech only leech for totem, not you. But it still make your totem more tanky.
+ 15% Area effect is very important while mapping (make sure you connect to marauder starting point on skill tree to make it work).
+ 25 all stats for your stats required. 25 strength give you 5% melee physical damage too. So many values on 1c jewel

4.2. Rares

+ Rings and Amulet are the same. You looking for tier 1 physical damage, some resistance and life.
+ Before level 80 you can't use steel ring so you need some rare rings have physical damage and life.
+ Buy a base steel ring and craft it with Essense
+ Some strength on rings and amulet is good. Every 5 str you have 1% melee physical damage and some life which we looking for. You don't need Int and Dex because we have enough on skill tree

+ Rare boots with movement speed, life and resistance. Very simple. If you want enchant on boots, find Regenerate 2% of Life and Mana per second if you were Hit Recently for defense
+ If you want more dps, buy Bubonic Trail with 2 Abyss sockets on it and pick some resistance node on skill tree.

+ Some random rare belt pickup on ground
+ If you want more dps, buy Darkness Enthroned with 2 Abyss sockets on it. But you will need expensive gears with a lot of resistance to reach cap resistance.

Somes random flasks lay on ground. you need immune bleed and freeze on it.

+ Somes Abyss Jewel with 6-6.5 physical damage to attack and some life, armour. Cost like 1-5c each
+ If you play it in standard or next league, you can find some other rare jewels. The following will effect to totems:
increased Physical Damage,
increased Melee Physical Damage while holding a Shield,
increased Totem Damage,
increased Area Damage,
increased Melee Damage,
increased Attack Speed,
increased Attack and Cast Speed,
increased Attack Speed while holding a Shield
. There is a lot of stuff you can use, so its easy to find them.

+ So total we have around 91-160 physical attack damage from gears and Abyss jewel. With Facebreaker you can x800% those damage = 728- 1280 physical damage. No weapon give you that much dps. Insane DPS from insane cheap gears.

5. Stats

+ DPS in h/o without fortify, taste of hate, ruthless blows and maim from skill gem.Level 19 gems btw. This is enough dps to 1 hits normal and magic monsters. With 3 totems you can do all contents in game.
+ DPS in Path of building is 293k per totem when use set up Ruthless + Maim + Concentrated effect, full buff, flask, lv 20 gem. It isn't max but it good enough for damage. I did all red maps when my gems lv 19/0 quality.

6. Gems and Links
+ Main skills:
- (Most damage)Ancestral Warchief + Ruthless + Maim + Concentrated Effect
- Replace Concentrated Effect with Increased Area of Effect for mapping
- Don't want to swap gem: Ancestral Warchief + Ruthless + Maim + Added Fire damage for lazy ass.
(Actually i think 30% area effet from shield and Pure Talent Jewel is enough area effect while mapping)
+ Aura: Hatred + Herald on Ash
+ Summon Lightning Golem + Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance
+ Movement skill: Shield Charge + Fortify + Faster Attack
+ Cast when damage taken + Immortal Call + Enfeeble
+ Enduring Cry on somewhere for 3 Endurance Charge.
+ If you find out any socket for skill gems, Vaal Haste and Vaal Lightning Trap are good too.

7. Leveling

+ Before lv 28 you can't use Ancestral Warchief. You can lvling like other melee build.
+ You can use Facebreaker very soon . Pickup Ancestral Bond on skill tree and play Warchief Totem to the end game.
+ Some gears may help you level up faster

+ How can we survive?
- Your totems have 20% Taunt on hit from Champion Ascendancy. Boss and rare monsters will not chase for you.
- Your totems have 0.8s stun each 3 hits from skill gem Ruthless, Slow enemies 30% movements speed from Maim skill gem when your totem attack.
- Your totems have 10% to Blind enemies on hit from the helmets. While Blinded, Boss only have half chance to hit you.
- 0.5% of your totems damage leech as your life.
- Enduring Cry give you 3 Endurance Charge and some life regen. Endurance charge give you damage reduction and Resistance.
- Stun and Knockback from your Lion Roar flask.
- Make sure you have Fortify when you Shield Charge. It give you 20% more damage reduction

+ How this build compare to other AW build?
- First, i will talk about weak points of this build compare to other AW build.
- In Path of building, Scion AW can reach around 1 million DPS. With marauder build you can reach 2 milions DPS. You can play a normal version with 6L body armor as Scion for 2M DPS but this is starter build. 5 seconds boss kill or 10 seconds boss kill are the same.


- All the problems will be fixed with Ascendancy:
- An Warchief build with so many uniques, you will face so many problem about stats, resistance, skill points to reach required node on skill tree.
- A Marauder AW build need a lot dex for Faster atk and Vaal Haste. Scion with more stats, more skill points fix this. You don't need crazy expensive gears for it.
- Jewel sockets for Abyss jewels is the second big problem. Scion have more skill points and shortcut some skill points to reach Duelist on skill trees. It help a lot.
- Resistance is the next. Marauder build have to pick some res node on skill stree and a couple steel rings with T1 physical damage, a lot of res, a lot of dex, some life if it could are very expensive if you can imagine.
- The last one is physical damage defense, Abysuss has a lot of physical damage in AW build but it make you take more 40% physical damage. Its not fun if you get 1 hit. You can only solve it with Toukohama shield, which is very expensive, give you the third totem and Blood Magic. Can't run aura, you lose a lot of DPS. The 2M DPS AW build isn't easy with those problem. Using crazy expensive gears isn't necessary while we have a Scion build.

9. Pantheons
Soul of Solaris, Soul of Shakari

10. Videos

All my build

If i find out something special, i will add to build soon. Have fun, exiles!
cages wrote:
Just wanted to thank you for awesome build m8,level 90 atm here,enjoying it so much. :)

Negocjator55 wrote:
Hi m8 :)

ASAP plz update the guide for 3.2 if its possible ^^ (if there will not be to much paintfull changes on patch notes)

Whant to use it as my satarter when the leagune launches :)


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Not a bad build in my not expert opinion.
Did you go further into maps?
All content finished?
Not a bad build in my not expert opinion.
Did you go further into maps?
All content finished?
This is my starter build, i don't have much time to play but with those item i can clear all corrupted red map to finish my atlas. Boss is hard to kill for me with bad internet connection and this build help a lot. i don't need skill to play. Just hide in corner then wait totems finish. Totems are very tanky because it have leech to itself.
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Pure Talent is going up. LOL i should buy more when it only 1c
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Add video T16 Hydra. Hope you guy enjoy build.
Which bandit do you take?
Pontiki wrote:
Which bandit do you take?

I choose kill all. You can choose help Oak for 20% physical damage, its strong too.
Hello I see a lot of + attack speed/berserking etc. Do these stat bonuses go towards the totems in some way? From the look of this its a stand back and let totems work thing.
PandorahXV wrote:
Hello I see a lot of + attack speed/berserking etc. Do these stat bonuses go towards the totems in some way? From the look of this its a stand back and let totems work thing.

All bonus effect to you give bonus to your totems too. Atk speed give your totems atk speed. Your Shield Charge skill move faster. By picking Ancestral Bond on skill tree, you have 1 more totem but you can't deal damage yourself so only totems work, we just hiding. Monsters in map aren't scary, you only need to hide the boss in maps
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