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[3.4] Juzell's BlindRipper, MF Tornado shot 95% evade - FAST - STRONG - FRIENDLY

So i am back to this build in Delve. Deadeye seem the best build clearing and DPS but i realize even with full buff, Deadeye only get 70% evade chance and 40% dodge chance. Monsters still have 16% chance to hit you. So in high tier map, you could die a lot with 3k hp. So i keep play Raider, with 89% evade chance and 40% dodge chance. Monster only have ~5% chance to hit me with hit. Since Qotf have less 1000 evasion rating. I can reach maximum 95% evade chance if i have a watcher's eye jewel. Here is Pob:

After huge nerf about Vaal Pact, Queen of the forest and everything, we can't easily play MF Windripper with high movement speed, clear speed, tank almost stuff... Some people still play this but with really bad defense. Almost people play it wrong. Avatar of the Veil with phasing and immune Element Ailment isn't good enough. So i made my own build with Avatar of Chase with more defense like 95% evade chance, 58% dodge atk, 30% dodge spell. And i run immune Element Aliment on flasks like other builds. DPS doesn't change, I still have almost 600k DPS and free Onslaught. You can find Pob here:
And deeper explaining below here:


+ Top tier clear speed
+ Magic find still strong
+ More tanky than other MF Windripper build
+ Both clearing mob and single target are good
+ No mirror or crazy gears, all can buy easily
+ Budget or missing few parts still good, clear speed doesn't change much. Only map tier change
+ Expensive. My gears around 25 ex didn't count bisco yet. But its still the cheapest TS build.
+ Build for mapping, up to t15. You don't want to fight end game boss with MF items


Take Avatar of the Slaughter first then Avatar of the Chase
- Explain: Other people choose Avatar of the Veil for Immune Freeze, Ignite and Shock but itsn't good enough. You can have those immune effect on flasks. Beside that, Avatar of the Chase give you more DPS, free Onslaught, and more important: 25% more evade melee atk, 15% more evade projectiles atk while Onlaught. With this node you can reach 95% evade chance atk (this is maximum of the game) and it way more better than few immune stuff.
- Bandit: Kill them all

All my current gears in one, still work without few piece

Gears explain

Best MF weapon, you only care about cold damage, atk speed, crit chance. This build is about cold damage, more lightning is good but not required.

After neft, Qotf only give you 75% movement speed. Still the best choice for clear speed.

2 secondary tornado shot projectiles enchant is expensive but very important in this build. A normal tornado shot have 3 secondary projectiles. The enchantment give us 2 more. That mean the enchantment give you more 40% of all damage.

59% increase damage with hit agaisnt blind enemy. You have blind on hit on amulet or you can link blind with herald of ice. This quiver have 25% chance creat smoke cloud itself. This is safe choice for defence and big damage for single target.

+2 Frenzy charge. Give you 45% movement speed and 18 dodge chance at 9 frenzy charge. Or you can use Goldwyrm for more IIR.

Best gloves in poe right now. 2 abyss sockets is cool but not required. We only need Intimidate (monsters take 10% more damage). Maim effect slow movement speed 30%. You can upgrade it later.

The Pandemonius chill and blind enemies, reduce 20% cold resistance chill enemies. Swap it with Bisco,
We lost ~18% total DPS but its fine. Amulet isn't important part. Wear whatever you have.

A couple Ventor Gamble and Rare belt with life and resistance. Or White sockets Pariah rings and change some jewels for resistance

2 more arrows from Dying Sun is very strong. Its expensive but worth

We need Bleed, Freeze, Ignite immune on other flasks

+ Tornado shot - Ice bite - Added cold - Greater Multi Proj - Elemental damage with Atk -
+ Herald of Ice - Innervate - Blind - Curse on hit - Assasin mark/Projectiles weakness/Ele weakness
+ Cast when damage taken - Immortal call - Inc duration - Vaal Haste
+ Ice Golem - Blink arrow - Minions and Totem elemental resistance
+ Grace
+ Portal

Soul of Lunaris and Soul of Shakari/Soul of Ralakesh

Use Lightning arrow till you can use tornado shot. Some unique will work:


+ With full buff and flask, we reach 56k evasion rating. Enough evasion rating for Queen of the forest and maximum movement speed. But maximum 95% evade chance isn't easy. Take Avatar of Chase on Ascendancy make sure we have 95% evade chance when on full flasks. If your flasks are all down, you only have 25k evasion rating. But if enemies are blinded, you still reach 95% evade chance.
+ Sometimes, monsters have big accuracy or some map has bad map mods for you, you still have 95% evade chance.
+ Both Avatar of Chase or Blind are make sure we can reach 95% evade chance no matter what.
+ So monsters have 5% chance to hit you. Now you have 40% dodge chance from skill tree(from Acrobatics) and 18% dodge chance from your boots. Dodge can't be reduce by accuracy. Dodge chance count after evade chance so you have 3% more chance. Now monster only have ~2% chance to hit you.
+ Critical strike is count as a second hit that can be evade. So if you get hit, it have to roll again to make critical or not. Chance you get hit from critical strike is 2/100x2/100 = 4/10000. Very small, you don't worry about critical strike from hits.
+ 30% dodge spell from Phase Acrobatics seem good enough. Maximum dodge chance is 75%. You can almost maximum it with Vaal Grace.

T11 Spider forest: https://youtu.be/grk9mD-E4hs
T14 shaped Vault: https://youtu.be/9RzNfGC9nCo
T12 shaped Dunes(with bisco) + facetank Lich map mod +40 Element Res

All my build

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I was really excited when i read "MF" and turns out its another fake MF build.

Last edited by storm159 on Jan 24, 2018, 9:45:29 AM
storm159 wrote:
I was really excited when i read "MF" and turns out its another fake MF build.


Bisco is super expensive at start of league. I want to try some stuff first.
I just added Pantheon. Explain about mechanic soon
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youngjuzell wrote:
storm159 wrote:
I was really excited when i read "MF" and turns out its another fake MF build.


Pure MF items is slow and boring. I want to try new stuff. Why not?
I just added Pantheon. Explain about mechanic soon

Definitely not saying your build is bad, I just mentioned it was a fake advertisement in my opinion, when i read "MF" i'm expecting at least something over 40%+ +Bisco's.
Next league seem harder. Hope we have some new items work well. I will update ASAP.
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Why u have innervate,blind in u chest?swap gems?
Korpivaellus wrote:
Why u have innervate,blind in u chest?swap gems?

Innervate linked with herald of ice. When Herald of Ice deal some damage AOE and kill a mob. You gain some lightning damage to your atk, shock enemy. Same as Blind. It work when linked with herald of ice
Why do you go for Claw Critical Strike Chance in passive skill tree ? Makes no sense for me.
FloxRoxX wrote:
Why do you go for Claw Critical Strike Chance in passive skill tree ? Makes no sense for me.

there is a unique jewel. Lioneyes fall. It can change all other weapon passive to bow passive.Almost bow build use it below the claw nodes because it give a lot DPS and life/ mana leech. Its not cheap so if you don't have one. You can take life/mana leech below Vaal Pact. Almost league starter bow build go that way

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