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In your endgame gear section, am i mistaken or you only have 2 curses (poacher's mark and enfeeble)? So in that case we don't need whispers of boom in the skill tree, right?
tsapadim wrote:
In your endgame gear section, am i mistaken or you only have 2 curses (poacher's mark and enfeeble)? So in that case we don't need whispers of boom in the skill tree, right?
Same quiestion, but i see what untill endgame we need these 3 curses ( + temporal chains from gloves). But what about endgame? I dont see third curse. As for PoB at the ENDGME build you show this unique gloves. So use or not to use, that's the quiestion.
I’ve gone through a number of iterations on this. The final one did use the temp chains gloves. The main reason for the inconsistency is it can be hard to fit the gloves in depending on your resist needs.

That said, I’m honestly not really sure whether it’s worth it. I never noticed that big a difference with it vs without it. One of the strengths of the build is that it’s very flexible but the other side of that is it can be hard to identify which options are actually the best.
Thank you for answer. I am a quite confused about gloves because of just 10 lvl curse. Of course i see what we can not use other ascendancy, so we must use 3 curses. And we have mana reserved, so we need to use curse on hit. As for me build is looking uncompleted, but already really good. For Toxic Rain at this moment now is only 3 builds- ranger runner- problems with resists and hp. Totem rain- dps problems + hp + mana. And finally ES curses toxic rain. He is god. But he is not official build xd plus cost. Soo.. i will try this build at next league, because as i see GGG going to buff combination char dps + pet dps. And this build is looking good for this.
For uber lab is good Forbidden Power. Because nothing better. We spent enough mana for it. Maybe when GGG will normally rework Guardian for work with pet we can use him. (looked for ascendant- we can use just occultist buff and.. all. assasin use crits with poison and other do not buff posion)
I am doing a setup for this build. I am currently unable to find any claw with Poison/Multistrike so I am thinking in use a Body Armour with enough sockets to get the Molten Striking going and get a claw with LGoH.

Do you think that this approach is a valid approach? If so, any suggestions on what to add in the 3 sockets that will get available?

This build looks very promising and i would like to give it a try in 3.5.

But now after reading the patch notes, with all the changes to Herald of Agony and the Occultist, do you think this build is still viable??!

And if so, what needs to be changed?!

Was so looking forward to it, but now i am a bit worried...
Thats what I am also wondering, I might be wrong but:

Herald of Agony

The Agony Crawler summoned by this skill now deals increased Physical Damage per Virulence you have, rather than increased Damage.

sounds like a severe nerf to me, as I understand that the virulence stacks will still increase the physical damage, but loses the 40(stacks)*(10%-19%) increased damage

I hope I am wrong, but right now I would interpret it as a crazy nerf
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As it looks the changes to Occultist are pretty good for this build, since we now have something useful to spend the last 2 points in.

Withering presence gives +60% chaos resist (great) and Withered constantly applies a debuff, increasing the chaos damage part of our crawler slightly.

After a 2nd thought the change to Herald of Agony looks like a huge buff to me.

Instead of a single 10-19% damage increase you now get a 10-19% damage increase per Virulence, so up to 40 times. That would be a damage increase of 400-760% at max.

Looks to good to be true, but how else could you interpret it?!

I would say you're right that this build got buffed overall. However there's a small correction:

The increased damage used to be per virulence stack. By changing it to increased physical damage per virulence stack, the crawler stacks will no longer be scaling profane bloom. This is mostly irrelevant though because we also take minion damage nodes and use the minion damage support, it should still be scaling well over 100% of total life.
I see, the only difference was the physical part and not the virulence stacks.

I didnt even know that the "dealing a quarter of maximum life" part in Profane Bloom is scalable, i thought it is fixed and not influenced by any damage modifiers.

You can play this game for years and still learn something new all the time. :)

Scaling it to more than 100% should be overkill in most cases, at least i hope so...

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