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Is the damage enough to clear up to T12-13s without a +3 pseudo 5-link?

I'm looking to try this build on hardcore and realistically I only want to get a +2 helm with 250+ ES and run Darkscorn/Incandescent for defenses. I'm pretty confident about the clear, but I do wonder how relatively safe it is to only rely on one minion to kill fatter bosses. Most minion builds rely on killing the boss very quickly before you have to actually deal with boss mechanics, like traditional skeleton builds.
The +3 is just good to have for guardians+.

You don’t need a pseudo 5 link for T12-T13 either, at least not at high gem levels, but it will take bosses down faster.

If you can’t spare the helm slot, try the gloves: https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/The_Embalmer will give you a 5L without sacrificing much ES on a CI version.

You could also get elder supported by poison gloves with better ES values than the embalmer has.
Ok I am at level 78 and am having a great time with the build. Having no problems with yellow maps and seem to die only when I get overtaken by darkness.

Here is what I currently have equipped:

Currently have a couple of hundred chaos to spend and am not sure what direction to go. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Depends where you want to go with it. A better claw will give you more life sustain but require extra links on your attacks. A +gem level minion damage helm gives higher damage output vs bosses. Minion speed jewelry improves your clear speed. A 5L chest will let you use life gain on hit with multistrike for more life sustain.

So if you’re just mapping and delving trying to make more currency, go for the minion speed jewelry. If you want to start doing some endgame bosses, the damage and life sustain are critical but you’ll also need more levels first. I’d go for the speed jewelry next. Shouldn’t even cost that much, I rolled mine with essences. Obviously it’s hard to get on a poacher’s ring so don’t worry about that one.
Thank you so much for this amazing build. Always wanted to build an occultist and been having a blast with this build. What golem would you suggest to use for this build or are golems not required? currently I am using stone golem for the life regen.
I don’t use golems. They’re too much of a hassle imo. You’d be better off using the socket for an offering.
Thank you for the detailed build guide.

I played around with the poedb, but I am nooby when it comes to crafting.
Is there an easier way to craft an elder claw with your suggested affixes?
What type of damage the crawler deals? Is it pure physical? If yes, what's the point of withering touch? With such low dps weapon your poisons are not doing much anyway.
Crawler is phys with 40% converted to chaos. So max wither stacks doubles the chaos damage and acts as a 40% more multiplier against no resist targets.
Cool, thanks. But where this info comes from? Also, to be exact, it is 90% increased chaos damage taken at 15 stacks :P

Edit: I re-watched Ziggy reveal video, and it comes from there. I don;t understand why this isn't anywhere in game.
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