[3.6] Speedy Melee Herald of Agony Occultist | ALL MAPS | ALL MODS | SHAPER VIABLE | LEAGUE STARTER

Added an updated shaper video and a Depth 284 Delve + Kurgal Boss fight to demonstrate its delving capabilities.
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Soooo I am trying a CI version of this. Will let you know how it goes, here's my planned tree:


Obvious downside is needing Discipline and not benefiting from life on hit. You can get 3 LOH on jewels but thats not really gonna be enough even with GMP i think. Taking Vile Bastion and Wicked Ward to help with that, and eventually picking up a Watcher's Eye giving ES on hit while affected by Disc. Might use Wasp's Nest as well.
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I think if you do a CI version you should go with a spell based approach. The attack version works well on life but for CI you’re going to want discipline with an ES on hit watcher’s eye which I think works with spells. I’d go poet’s pen. Use barrage to proc the pen and stack wither and use the pen to cast spells supported by poison. I think with a good spell setup you’ll have more range and hits per second which will help compensate for the weaker on hit effects. Obviously you’d need a phys or chaos added to spells eye jewel for this to work but it should be alright.

You can even level the spells and get some damage for yourself though that might turn reflect into a skip mod.
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Never considered that... thanks gives me something to think about.

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Quill Rain + Soul Strike Quiver is a good choice for Occultist CI too.
Do you reccomend using the Scourge?
Really like this build, running it as CI. Works pretty well even with Molten Strike and Static Strike. CWDT and fast energy shield recharge rate is your best friend. The Lion's Roar Flask is also helpful

My current gear


Still need to get some improvements and try out stuff.

Thx for sharing, never played that much and far as i did with this build!
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Roodysfun wrote:
Do you reccomend using the Scourge?

No. The minion damage isn’t significant and you ideally want a high attack speed elder claw with poison + multistrike if you’re socketing molten strike in it.
"Herald of Agony + Pierce + Minion Damage + Vile Toxins + Damage on Full Life or Minion Speed"

Vile toxins over Vicious projectiles ?

If you had a 6l Option for max boss dps what would it be ?
Vile toxins is absolutely used over vicious projectiles. You’re going to be stacking a lot of poisons on targets. Easily 50+. Vile toxins level 20 gives 45% more hit damage against enemies afflicted by 9+ poisons. Vile toxins level 21 gives 50% more hit damage for 10+ poisons. From the wording this shouldn’t matter where the poisons come from so it’s the strongest more multiplier available and it barely reserves any extra mana. It is a fantastic boss damage support. Vicious projectiles meanwhile is actually really gimped by its attack speed drawback, only giving about 35% more damage in practice. It also hurts clear speed.

6L max boss dps would be something like HoA + minion damage + damage on full life + vile toxins + empower + withering touch.

Withering touch is also a strong support because your molten strike builds up wither stacks that amplify the effects of the crawler’s chaos damage, making that 29% phys as chaos basically double in effective dps.

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