[3.6] Speedy Melee Herald of Agony Occultist | ALL MAPS | ALL MODS | SHAPER VIABLE | LEAGUE STARTER

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for this build. I have played this in DSC, and it has been a blast. It is a super cheep build to get started on, then I have just been adding on as I go. I have about 10 ex in it now, and just completed yellow elder! Great build!
This is honestly one of the most fun builds ive played. Super good for clearing red maps with barely any investment
Taking this into maps soon, the damage and overall idea of the build itself has definitely not failed to impress me at all though, I love it.
Thanks for the great build and guide.
Cool build. I like the tri-curse, high movement speed, and the fun of Profane Bloom.

A couple questions & thoughts.

Why Vile Toxins and not Minion Damage?
- 20/20 minion damage is 49% more and 15% increased damage
- 20/20 vile toxins is 30% to 45% more damage
- I didn't read the entire write-up, so sorry if that's explained

Not sure why there is both Molten Strike and Static Strike. Static strike gem + 3 supporting gems could be replaced with CWDT + Temp Chains (opens up a new glove choice) + 2 from:
- Spirit Offering (additional minion dmg)
- Stone Golem (taunt, regen)
- Chaos Golem (phy dmg mitigation)
- Blood rage (faster attacks)
- Immortal Call (def, and regen after degen [like blood rage] when paired w/ Soul of Arakaali - Arachnoxia)
- Tempest Shield (+ attack block %)

Consider corrupted versions of 2 wildfire and Careful Planning jewels. You can pick up 3 from a list of:
- Immune to hinder
- Immune to maim
- Immune to corrupting blood
- Increased minion damage
- Reduced mana reserved

Small thing, but Convocation can be L1/Q20 - no need to have this skill at a higher mana cost.

Jewels w/ increased minion attack speed benefits your Molten Strike attack speed (faster virulence stacking + LGOH) via Spiritual Command passive.

Despair curse could be a huge damage boost. Agony Crawler is assumed to 40% converted phy to chaos damage. Spirit Offering provides additional chaos damage. Then you have Profane Bloom and Void Beacon. Wow. A ring or weapon with "Despair on Hit" would do it, if you can give up Poacher's Mark.

Thanks for sharing. HoA has been a welcome addition to feasible builds.

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My helmet already provides minion damage so vile toxins is better damage than getting a few extra levels/quality on minion damage.

Static strike allows you to easily clear while moving and the crawler will clean up as you go. It is also a fantastic source of fortify. Molten strike is better for single target sustain.

I tried spirit offering but found it far too fiddly.

Thanks so much for posting this build. Its the third build ive tried out for delve and im loving it (favourite so far). As a new player to poe build guides like this really help a lot to get into the game, its much appreciated!

I got a 5 link belly of the beast because i cant afford kaoms yet, so I put a cwdt, immortal call, increased duration, flesh offering and then another curse in. Its been working great as a bit of defence/utility in the mean time. Currently i have projectile weakness in it but im not sure if it benefits the agony crawlers damage in any way? Or do you think temporal chains would be better suited?

I've got poachers on ring, and enfeeble/blasphemy in another gem slot.
Projectile weakness increases enemy damage taken by projectiles. It does work on the crawler but it’s going to be additive with the wither increased damage taken on the chaos part of the crawler’s damage. This means it won’t be as substantial a damage increase as it looks at first. That said, this build has a lot of room for variations so if that set up is working better for you than temp chains then keep going with it.
have you considered using Additional Accuracy Support on Your Herald of Agony? Either that or maybe the new Abyss gloves Commandment of the Pit. I guess it striggles with accuracy.
maybe leave out pierce in the supports? never played HoAg, don't know how important it is.
With that beast of a shield you've got, did you consider taking solidarity for 25% defenses from shield and a total of 5% block over the node by the jewel socket (unless you finished it) and the one past armor mastery. Not sure if it would end up in reduced damage taken with the 5% block versus the difference in armor.

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