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pmpch wrote:
Quillrain is up 285% almost 4c now. 11% Occultists this league.

This build doesn’t use quill rain so that’s fine.
I was in for a little change and therefore i tried the Crawler Quill Rain variant with ES.

When you are using Rain of Arrow you basically need Quill Rain or everything is going way too slow.
And for single targets you need the Golden Rule jewel. Without it you not get max virulence stacks.
Therefore many play with Barrage instead but that is no fun.
With the Golden Rule jewel you are forced to go ES since you better have chaos immunity.

Going ES means no LgoH which means you have to wait for Shield recharges which you only get when you kill something (or wait more than a sec which can be too late).
Even with 10k ES you can get killed by strongboxes since no Enfeeble or Fortify protects you when the mobs hit you first.
You cannot facetank anything, you can only kill quickly.

Damagewise the Quill Rain variant is only better because of Projectile Weakness.

Now i just tested this melee build again and replaced Temp Chain with Projectile Weakness (max quality). I did a quick Hydra run on a corrupted map, i could facetank everything and was able to kill him very quickly.

All in all this melee build is still the best overall build ive played so far and ive played tons of builds!

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Anyone who knows how to get the Herald of agony?
What is the third Aura (or curse aura) you are running.

Herald of Agony (obviously)
Enfeeble + Blasphemy

But I see you use up significantly more Reserved mana than I do.

Still leveling up but so far the build is pretty sick. Thanks!
I wonder if this build is still viable now with the huge nerfs to HoA, Molten Strike and Multistrike.

The damage increase of HoA is basically cut in half, making it more of a good support skill rather than a sole damage dealer. The changes to Molten Strike and Multistrike make it much harder to get full stacks of virulence and generating enough LgoH.

Projectile Weakness looks like a must now to compensate for the lower damage.

The quill rain variant looks definitely dead to me since it has to go ES. Without any defence layers and completely gimped Occultist and ES in general it doesent make much sense anymore.

What do you think, is this melee build still alive?

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