3.4.0 supports light beams on items in item filters!

it already says in the freaking Title "in item filters!"
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ChanBalam wrote:
Questionable value. I'm not sure we need more screen stuff. Make it an option please.

Is a filter option...

It is already by nature optional
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Nice QoL in addition to minimap icons: they allow us to see goods offscreen and new light beams allow us to see goods onscreen.
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Nice addition, i loved those beams in D3.
This is awesome!

I have to play with no sound (mostly play after kids have gone to bed). I do use an item filter, but I may miss off screen drops.

1-Neversink item filter Regular
2-Neversink item filter Strict
3-Neversink item filter Soft
4-Neversink item filter Semi Strict
5-Neversink item filter Uber
89-Neversink item filter Uber With lightBeans and without map stars or red bubbles
90-Neversink item filter Semi strict with all lights u pc can handle
91-Neversink item filter poe conversion to d3

Im sure gonna be lost here.
When is ggg going to release filter options inside the game? And not make ppl have to code it.

Just put some options like enable lights for uniques(check), rares(not), choose colour (check)

Or just improve the game by making it dropping less shit on screen so we dont need filters to clean screen

the options are nice, but with sounds already in place im not sure i'll use the option ever.

you'll have to remake your entire item filter and retrain your brain around having the lights/icons rather than the sounds or w/e. having all of them working together is basically pointless.

i think it would be pretty awesome if you could have all the titles hidden and only sort and pick up by the light beams, but i highly doubt this will be possible. i think you'll still have to see the text to be able to pick anything up
Oh the horror, we are all getting more options available to us in game. The zombie apocalypse can officially start now.


Thank you GGG <3
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Another non-existent problem solved...
so the new official strategy to lure players back for a new league is to make poe like the other games?

does it work to kill poe's unique immersion with mandatory ugly overlays and loot notifications to make it even more immersive and unique?

yes, it's optional. if ggg i introduces purple unicorns and throwing them on bosses instakills those bosses, are those unicorns still optional?
if something very ugly makes you play more effectively to win, it's fucking mandatory!


never played d3 cause it looked childish and clunky. please keep poe's style.
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