3.4.0 supports light beams on items in item filters!

With minimap icon and this, no need for sound-based filter for big drops. Play deaf. Music 100% and no need to balance game sounds. I will use. 10hr jellyfish jam map session incoming.
but I'm happy about this
Boem wrote:
I wonder what happens if i make every item shoot up a lightbeam in a full sextanted pack size map.



I know what won't happen, the game, the game won't happen.
Not sure to like it, they could've chosen a different visual effect than this D3 light.
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Phaeded wrote:
Snorkle_uk wrote:
Nephalim wrote:
That is a good point. Players barely pick up any rares much less magic/white items so the latter should really just not drop anymore unless it's the highest item level in which case it might have limited crafting value during the first week of the league.

PoE currently drops too much loot and 99.9% of it is not worth picking up.

It really is an issue, Ive been meaning to make a feedback thread on it for a while but I feel like Ive made too many negative posts about the game recently and I dont want it to feel like Im just bashing them endlessly, cause theyve been doing a lot of good too recently and they deserve more than to be bashed and bashed.

but its really apparent when you play a game like D3, you kill a screen full of monsters and theres 2 white items, 5 blue items and 4 rare items on the floor. thats how it should be. You go and kill a screen full of monsters in a poe map, turn off ur filter and you cant even see the game, literally, the entire screen side to side, top to bottom is a wall of text.

Its absolutely absurd. Why? Why is this a thing? Every single one of those items is a 3D model, it is on the floor, light is hitting it, its playing off against its textures, bump maps, spec maps... do we need to be calculating all this shit? Why is it there? Its inconceivable that anyone would find use for even 5% of it. Complete bloat, its so bad you cant even play the game without a filter, it doesnt work, you cant see whats going on.

This idea that you need the crap items to make the good ones good, you need the crap stats on the items to make the good stats look good... yeah to a certain extent. But theyve followed that theory so far down an awful road, theres so many useless items, and the useful ones you pick up that are like 1 in 100 now, theyre all so shit when you id them because theyre bloated with shit mods and shit tiers of good mods to the point where you sit down and spam 1500 chaos on an item without hitting a really good roll. the futility of picking up the 2 decent rare bases the boss dropped when you look at those odds...

The normal/magic/rare loot system needs completely reworked at this point. Far too many items, far too little chance of them being good. Its got out of hand, by a factor of about 10, at least. We need 10x less items and they need to be 10x more likely to be good, just for a start, that may be a conservative estimate.

+1 from me as well. More and more crap loot and every league they add more and more crap to the pool of crap items. Rolls are so all over the map you have to drop millions of items to find anything of quality. It really needs some work. Doesn't seem like GGG considers it a problem though.

The time it takes to find a good items is actually fine by me. I would even say its ok if its even harder to find the good item IF they reduce the time I spend playing Path of Inventory Management which allows me more time playing the actual games.

Instead of having 10x less drops but 10x the chance for better items I would even be ok with 20x less drops with 10x better items. The time saved from playing inventory sim would mean more time I can kill stuff.

While you are at it you should make it so you can identify items on the ground with your scrolls the same way you can do with a strongbox.
Slayer_Tip wrote:
uh... why? i mean, i get that its easier for people to find items amongst junk, but isnt that what loot filters are for?

The thing about loot filters is they dont filter out the rolls of rares and 99% of the rares are useless.
i can't find the code for the new filter stuff this time can anyone tell me where?
IQofDoom wrote:
i can't find the code for the new filter stuff this time can anyone tell me where?

Nowhere, yet. Well, nowhere public.
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Nice :).

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