3.4.0 supports light beams on items in item filters!

We are D3 now.
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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EDIT: Oh ok they're optional, we cool then.
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The two good things that i still remember about d3 are mini map with loot icons and loot beams..
and we got them within 2 days xD
Trading still sucks
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Are the light beams tied to the actual item, or to the item label? Could be nice for finding important items in giant loot explosions like breaches that screw up the labels.
i play each d3 season along with the poe seasons. its cool to see my two games becoming more and more like one. eventually, there will be no seperation between d3 and poe. it will be under the same lancher, same game. gg
Snorkle_uk wrote:



I really hope this plays well. I'm thinking of no text on screen at all, besides the ui and quest tracker. Hoping there's also a glow style to highlight strongboxes, chests and important game objects. My excitement of DELVE has really gone up now.

Edit: Also hoping for more improvements to item filters like maybe an if-then-else block, which I think could actually optimize the filter code.
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All dem pretty lights.

I miss, however, the good old Diablo 1 days, when you would search the screen for that damn ring that surely dropped. I heard it, dammit!
And then came Hellfire and there was the Search spell...

I think they should've done something about the drops rather than adding these, although pleasing, light effects.
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if you make a purple-item-beam MTX, i just might quit :p
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Lol xD 1 april yet?
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So this is all text based additions to the filter to enable this?

Could you at some point release the games default filter so people can edit it rather than force people to go download someone else filter.
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