In the depths of the Azurite Mine you may find this helmet from one of the ancient city bosses.

Not bad for elemental-based summoner builds.
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-10% chaos res seems pretty good but what's for physical focus builds?
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I read everything but the "has one socket" my first glance, and thought hey, that's pretty good! Then I saw that and was like, crap, they made a support/minion helm. Of course, having nearly 600 lightning damage on a helm (if it had four sockets) won't happen, but hopefully it can roll at least two sockets, because while this is decently powerful, people like me who don't party or play summoners will be whelmed. Maybe it'll fit in autobomber builds though as an alternative, since flat damage and pen is always good. And it actually has life on it for once (good note-taking GGG).
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-10% chaos res seems pretty good

Good catch! It doesn't actually say elemental resistances, neat!
Something for summoners?
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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Malachai's Artifice unset ring has wording:
when Socketed with a Red Gem

This helmet has different wording:
per Red socket
which sounds like helmet can have more than 1 socket. And with 2 blue sockets it gives same damage as Added Lightning lvl 18. With makes this helmet pretty insane when taking into account -10% res and high life roll.
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No... all it means is that you get the bonus even if there's no gem in it.
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I mean, if this is from a league boss, it's probably going to have some strong potential, and with just 1 socket it doesn't have much... a 2 socket lightpoacher could do more with a couple nice jewels and you'd get 2 regular sockets (and better life).

So I'm thinking it might really be able to roll multiple sockets after all, though maybe not 4 (or maybe it'll be way way rarer for each additional socket)
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Shagsbeard wrote:
No... all it means is that you get the bonus even if there's no gem in it.

This makes sense.

I checked The Pariah ring it have the same wording as helmet:
per Red Socket
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