In the depths of the Azurite Mine you may find this helmet from one of the ancient city bosses.

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Can the "Has 1 Socket" mod be rolled or is it locked at 1?
Let's all hope that "has 1 socket" is just a bad roll.
Likely just 1, be to powerful if you could get all those bonuses for aura bots. It seems like an "ok" item. Not sure what helmet aura bots usually use.
Edit: I just looked, no way that helm would replace what aura bots use. So it might have niche use for some sort of melee elemental build.
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Looks like they are keeping the good stuff for the last days before launch.
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Usually they use an Alpha's Howl. If it is locked to 1, its only real use seems like slapping on a Guardian. Or if you have spare sockets and can give up a whopping 3, I guess it's an okay helm before getting a good rare or a powerful Unique.
With only 1 socket and thus only 1 color it isn't a very good helmet at all.

I don't know why GGG would want to showcase a mediocre item like this.
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Seems bad for aura bots, but i can see it for anyone in a party. I realy hope they make parties better if they release all that aura stuff.
It's probably BiS for a really tanky animated guardian, seems good for party play, but if monsters scale up in terms of dps. It'd be hard to see a place for this as animated guardians would get OTK'd all the time.

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