[3.5] Leidenfrost Lead Lady. CI Brutus Lead Sprinkler. 10k ES, 4.7Mil Shaper DPS. 2.1k Strength

band1good wrote:
gg corruption, just in time before MS nerf

what you guys think about changes? rip ancestral call i guess

found huge strength node on the left side of the tree

I enjoyed this build but have not played Lead Sprinkler in a while so the main page has outdated elements, I would want to play the character again before updating it with new choices

This patch does gut molten strike so there is a good chance one of the other skills will take its place as the go to melee skill, testing would be needed

Itemisation & tree for this character seem to remain about the same

Utmost Might is great value and worth picking up, sadly its a bit out of the way so it takes many points which are tight for this character. Still worth picking up but result is only about 5% more dmg and ES
With tree rework we can get hight crit with blunt. I am thinking about tectonic+crit+endurance stucking
, chieftain+elem/raider
Easy 10+% es regen sec from tree + new atack leach nodes + 1% from glad link (jewel)
Contemplating trying this build again later in the league. Mathil playing str stack BLS right now so no way in touching this for a while haha.

The Karui jewel will add a ton of strength, should be fun.
Hey there!

I had much fun with your build in 3.5. Will there be a chance, that you will update it, in the coming leagues?
Currently playing this build with some rework in metamorph league. Damn fun! what would you guys think is the best anointment for amulet would be?

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