[3.5] Leidenfrost Lead Lady. CI Brutus Lead Sprinkler. 10k ES, 4.7Mil Shaper DPS. 2.1k Strength

3.5 patch
Molten Strike got a damage buff but 2 less projectiles (wildfire jewel limited to 1) which is overall a small damage nerf. *note that any references to '2' molten strike jewels in the build should now be read as '1'*

Not a massive change and molten strike still seems the best option but you could try charged dash or one of the alternatives as this character is quite flexible with which attack skill it uses

Light radius nerf and new options for helm mean that rares outpace black sun crest quite heavily. Black sun still good for leveling but in lategame you'll want to pick one of the better options
- Delve craft ES helm with -9% to enemies fire resistance
- Betrayal crafting 30-40% quality massive ES helms
- Buy an ES base with molten enchant and chaos spam for high ES

I have made many stat stacking builds and decided to give lead sprinkler a go. I think this character might beat out my last HOWA build.

This build uses Brutus Lead Sprinkler, Geofri's Sanctuary and Shapers Touch to make Strength scale flat damage, flat ES and %ES

This character can use almost any attack skill but molten strike has the best dps for endgame content

Setup is very budget. Except for the 6-link and watchers eye I don't think anything cost over 10c

- 10k ES (12k with clarity watchers)
- Stun, Freeze and Ignite Immunity

Numbers are lvl 92 against Guardian/Shaper resistances assuming a normal sized target (47% chance for each ball to hit) based on my character the last time I ran this build. Numbers now outdated but should be pretty similar as both buffs and nerfs have been small

2x Wildfire jewels = 2,954,310 DPS
+ Dying Sun flask = 3,683,032 DPS
+ Helm Enchant = 4,776,114 DPS

Molten Strike Mechanics/DPS calculation

I use ancestral call as a clearspeed skill but also as a single target. How this works is that on bosses you need to be standing close to the target while still being far enough away that your ancestral 'ghost' appears and is hitting the target doubling the number of projectiles being produced.

This takes practice and skill but when done correctly turns ancestral call into a DPS boost on par with concentrated effect.

There are some bosses that like to charge right into you and prevent this from happening effectively and because of this some people choose to run Conc effect instead of damage on full life so they can swap ancestral call into dmg on full life for bossing giving a more reliable DPS.

I respect this and recommend giving it a go yourself to see which playstyle suits you more.

Personally I enjoy not needing to change gems each boss. Ancestral call also increases your range which enables getting in a few attacks in places that would otherwise be too dangerous or just result in missing

DPS calculation
I used https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/1903956/page/1 as my basis
which calculates that the chance for each ball to hit on a normal sized target to be 0.47. This is still an estimation and probably flawed but its the best I've been able to find and seemed to match the damage in testing pretty well

Its worth noting that path of building doesn't apply multistrike to the balls which is why we need to take the balls average damage and multiply it by our molten strike attack speed instead of using their DPS number

Molten balls average damage(not dps)x Molten strike (Strike not balls)attack speed x 0.47 + Molten strike hit dps = Estimated DPS

So as an example to calculate with ancestral call doubling projectiles to 14 but no enchant or flask
ball average damage 50,669 x
attack rate 7.65 x
chance to hit 0.47 x
number of projectiles 14 +
Molten hit DPS 403,785
= 2,954,310


These videos were done just with 2xwildfire jewels, no helm enchant or dying sun flask for additional projectiles

Red Elder

Chimera Map

Infernal Blow. Crappy single target but satisfying for clearing lower tier maps


Gear Breakdown

Brutus Lead Sprinkler. Scales fire damage off Strength. Attack speed is the only relevant stat

Geofri's Sanctuary to turn strength into base ES.

Shapers Touch is the 3rd core item. Strength becomes %increased ES. Also gives good accuracy from int

Astramentis is the best defensive option giving good damage and great ES. An elder amulet with "1% increased damage per 15 strength" and other good rolls is the damage option if you reach the point where you want to sacrifice ES for damage

Black Sun Crest with 15% increased Strength and good dex is a good balance of offense and defense. Eventually I plan to swap this into an ES rare with the molten strike enchant

Since its introduction Cyclopean Coil has dominated the belt slot for stat builds. 15% increased all stats gives more DPS and ES then other options. The build should end up with Str highest and Int lowest which means it grants immune to freeze and ignite for extra bonus.

Alberon's Warpath are super common and cheap so its easy to get 18% increased strength. Best strength possible in boot slot

Best bossing enchant is 10% penetration, best clearspeed enchant is attack speed. I plan on getting the pen one eventually.

High ES and Strength then some resistances to make shopping for rings easier. Not many people bother to sell shields and since I posted this build most of them got bought up so you might need to craft your own.

An Elder Archon Shield is the best base for that as it can roll some more quality of life stuff but also look at the ilvl of the item. ilvl 82+ is where you can get the highest tier strength.

Essence of Rage can be used to guarantee good strength on any shield base and can be a good option too.


For your first set of rings I would buy 2 rares with really good resists and ignore strength/%damage. That will let you focus on making sure your other gear slots are all well rolled. Then you can return to rings with higher standards

Lategame rings will first have enough resistances to reach cap. Then get as much strength as possible, an open suffix lets you craft another +10 to all attributes. Lastly %elemental damage with attacks or %fire damage.

Do not underestimate strength. I would rather have +20 Strength then +20% increased damage

A rare ring with top tier strength will be better and easier to find then a 6% increased strength ring in most cases. I just happened to get my heup of all ring and it slotted in nicely

My rare ring happens to have mana and life leech based off physical damage. To be clear this does absolutely nothing, Its just that the rest of the ring is good enough on its own

Corrupting Gear

When to corrupt gear
Incursion league brought many good corruptions and double corrupting in the temple. This works well with a build that uses many uniques as its easier to replace gear with an identical version when your corruptions go bad. This is luck based and a currency investment, I would only start doing this after getting all your gear up to a high standard.

Make sure you only start on this if you have already crafted/bought a good shield and two good rings that cover strength, resistances and ES. Survival matters.

Since the rolls on these don't really matter this is the cheapest item even including the cost of applying 20% quality, 4-linking and getting the colours correct

Good corruptions include
- Increased Attack Speed
- Elemental Weakness on Hit
- Enfeeble on Hit
- Temporal Chains on Hit
- Increased Maximum Energy Shield

This item is next in value. There is no point corrupting low rolled ones as even if you hit a good implicit it wouldn't beat a well rolled belt, only buy 13% Increased attributes or higher

Good corruptions include
- Increased Strength
- Discipline has Increased Aura Effect
- # To All Elemental Resistances
- Increased maximum Energy Shield
- Increased Quantity of Items found

There is only 1 good corruption so harder to hit it. Only worth doing on maces with 18% or more attack speed roll
Corrupt and hope for
- Increased Attack Speed

This slot is hard as you have specific resistance needs depending on your own situation. I wouldn't corrupt my own but just do searches for rings and sometimes you will find corrupted ones that fit your needs while also having a good corruption on them

If you plan on upgrading the Black Sun Crest into an ES rare with the molten strike enchant then you cannot get a corrupted implicit. This means that corrupting this helmet is more an idle choice then something to invest much currency in

Good corruptions include
- Socketed Skill Gems get a 90% Mana Multiplier
- +2 to Level of Socketed AoE Gems
- +2 to Level of Socketed Aura Gems
- Increased maximum Energy Shield
- Fire Damage Leeched as Life

The "Socketed Skill Gems get a 90% Mana Multiplier" Is good as it allows you to swap empower into a purity of elements/fire/cold/lightning to cover a large chunk of resistances. This gives flexibility and makes it much easier to upgrade other gear pieces.

Decently rolled amulets cost more and the implicit was already good so this item has a large chance of not being worth it. An amulet with a +90 or higher roll that corrupts with Increased strength will be better but not by that much. There is other good options but its questionable as to if they are actually better then the base +16 to all attributes implicit.

Hitting a double corrupt with 2 good things will beat the base implicit but this harder to get.

I would never corrupt this as I'd be too scared to lose my 6-link. There is some neat possible results but nothing I'd say was really worth the risk


Removes bleed flask is needed

Ruby flask is a placeholder for Dying Sun and to make sure that fire resistance is highest for wise oak

Aquamarine flask has a really long duration and I wanted a flask that let me do temp chains maps without slowing me down

Is a solid defensive option


x1 for extra projectiles. Very Important
Gives Leech, stats and some bonus movement speed
Anger Pen for damage. I plan to swap this into a Clarity = ES one later for better value

If you do get a "% of mana gained as extra ES while affected by clarity" jewel then just run a level 1 clarity somewhere to activate it. "ES gained on hit while affected by Discipline" and "%increased fire damage while affected by Anger" are also good but not as good Pen or ES

See tree section for locations

Passive Skill Tree/Path of Building Links



Links still show 2xwildfire jewels which is now 1 + a good rare. Should be only change for 3.5

Pretty much anything with strength + damage is highly efficient. ES is important and ES nodes are generally low value compared to strength so why not up your defenses while getting other benefits at the same time?

Forces of Nature is very tempting but at level 92 the only things you can cut is Acuity or Retribution, these both have attack speed and accuracy which makes mapping smoother even if a bit less actual DPS

Originally I was going to go hybrid as its pretty easy to have 3-4k life but dealing with chaos damage was far too much trouble and results in many problems so I just went CI

Gem Selection

Chest - Swapping Multistrike into concentrated effect gives about 15% more dmg but less balls per second means it takes longer to hit things far away or trigger covered in ash/elemental overload. I prefer multi but I encourage self testing

Helm - Discipline and Anger in helm for +1 gems. Adding in empower and enlighten gives another +3 which has about the value of 1.5 passive points, not massive so only bother if you have them lying around

Gloves - lvl 20 CWDT setup. Auto summons lightning golem and curses. Lightning golem has fire damage from anger aura and will occasionally apply combustion to bosses for free

Weapon - Movement skill. Leap slam is the other option which can go up ledges but it doesn't scale with movement speed so its slower on flat plane

Shield - Totem gives attack speed and applies combustion for 4 seconds. A very good damage buff

Boots - Blood rage gives attack speed and keeps up frenzy charges while clearing for onslaught. lvl 1 CWDT setup to proc immortal call triggering pantheon bonus


Soul of Arakaali with Arachnoxia captured for 1.5x leech rate

This works because we are always taking damage over time from blood rage, then when we take damage our CWDT triggers immoral call stopping that damage for a short time and increasing our leech rate

For the minor pantheon I use Soul of Tukohama for a bit of physical damage reduction while attacking. None of them have much impact so feel free to pick anything that you want


You can use Molten Strike from level 1 and add in the gems as you get them.

Set both your Molten Strike and Shield Charge skills to "Always attack without moving" This makes things feel smoother

Multistrike is the 6th link but I don't recommend using it until your attack speed is high enough that it doesn't feel sluggish to use

Level a discipline gem in secondary slots but its not worth using it until you get the shapers gloves and their %increased ES

Make sure to keep your life and mana flasks up to date. You will be using them as main sustain until your damage is high enough to just use leech in endgame

I leveled with Pillar of the caged god from 13-28
Brutus' Lead Sprinkler endgame weapon is usable at level 28

Meginord's Vise are good leveling gloves.

Much of the endgame gear is wearable pretty early. Any leveling gear with life, strength and resists until then

Make sure that your boots have the 18% strength roll and the helm has a 15% strength roll. Its about the same price anyway as they are common items.

Cyclopeon coil is a bit rarer so a top rolled one sometimes costs more, temporarily getting a 13-14% roll is fine but I wouldn't go lower

le heup of all is a decent leveling ring but its not part of the final build unless you happen to find one with the 6% strength corruption like I did. Even then rares are more likely and have higher potential

Ascendency Order
1st Lab - +40 Str & +40 Dex nodes
2nd Lab - I took Raider for speed but if you have bad gear then take chieftain for defense
3rd Lab - Chieftain. 10% strength, damage, defense and sustain
4th Lab - Path of the Ranger is last. Once you finish connecting to the Ranger start you can then unspec the 3 travel nodes you spent getting over to the ranger side.

Kill all

Tree Order
Early priorities
- First is the wildfire jewel socket
- Vitality void cluster for mana & life leech (you won't unspec this until you get a Pure talent jewel and connect to the duelist start to active it)
- Point Blank
- Unwavering Stance
- Life nodes, get enough to feel safe. Devotion and heart and training have strength on them. Constitution is best value.

Getting the life regen on the way up to templar along with the Meginord's Vise gloves will let you run blood rage to improve speed

Getting elementalist is nice resistances but its not worth trecking all the way to elemental overload yet. At this point you'll want to start moving towards the ranger area.

You won't have all the lab ascendencies done at this point so you will need to take 3 dex travel nodes at the bottom of the tree to connect and go up the right hand side getting the jewel sockets on the way

You can wear the chest at lvl 64 and the aim is to have enough strength that at level 66 when you can equip the shapers gloves to swap into pure ES with a tree that looks something like this


This is only possible if you have the strength gear used in the build but most of it is cheap so this should be doable. I took ghost reaver but waited on taking CI until I completed uber lab as there isn't that much chaos damage in there and the extra life buffer helped me feel safer

From there ES is more important then damage. I took anything with Strength first leaving pure damage like elemental overload and lava lash for very last.

Map Mods

Mods we can't do
- Elemental Reflect
- No leech

No leech can be run if you get a "ES gain on hit while affected by discipline" watchers eye.

Temp Chains
Very annoying. I use a long duration immune to curse flask while I run these to remove the effect

Elemental Weakness
Removes curse or wise oak flask will negate this. Alternative between them for max effectiveness

No Life/Mana Regen
Remove Empower or turn off Anger and you won't have mana problems. If its a dangerous map then don't run blood rage as the 4% degen can get dangerous. This will slow you down.

Other Builds

HOWA Heirophant totems

HOWA Molten Striker
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This is some truly impressive dps for no flask or helmet enchant. I've seen you post it yesterday but strangely I think I'm going to be first to reply, low view count atm but I'm sure it will pick up once people try this out.

Make a reddit thread, you'll get some deserved movement here ;D
My build guides:

Taking a break from PoE, catch me up in Warframe: https://www.warframe.com/signup?referrerId=5b625847f2f2eb0ea0750322
Use above link for free booster when you sign up! :)
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Very strong build, started red maps and completed uber lab at lvl 72.
Completed red elder yesterday at lvl 81, 1 death, with 5-link and 2k str atm.
Gear was so cheap, but will rise when players notice this :P.
Question is what would you use as minor pantheon?
Thanks for this awesome build.
Last edited by Rizar on Jun 23, 2018, 1:57:58 AM
really cool build - i will try it soon
one question: why not go hybrid?
i mean you would have so much life alone from the strength
Bristoling wrote:
This is some truly impressive dps for no flask or helmet enchant.

Make a reddit thread, you'll get some deserved movement here ;D

Thanks :)

I've considered it as I enjoy being able to help people out with characters but reddit can be very... unproductive. I feel I would be lambasted for using the word budget and having a 6-link

Rizar wrote:

Gear was so cheap, but will rise when players notice this :P.
Question is what would you use as minor pantheon?
Thanks for this awesome build.

Thanks, yeah I really like working on a budget since I spend about as much time theorycrafting and planning builds as I do actually playing. Its a shame when I find something niche and then it starts getting more popular and the price goes up

umm none of the minor pantheons do that much. Soul of Tukohama is probably best giving a bit of physical damage reduction while attacking

BeRse wrote:
really cool build - i will try it soon
one question: why not go hybrid?
i mean you would have so much life alone from the strength

Hybrid was the original plan. I have 2.6k life from strength. Taking devotion and blood siphon instead of CI ups it to 3.3k. Thats not quite enough so I would need to spend some more points getting life and need to get chaos resistance as the character has -49% before flask.

Life recovery is important especially if using "damage on full life support". Leech goes to ES via ghost reaver and the chest forces zealots oath so I can't use life regen. All that remains is life flask or life gain on hit. Flask is risky, as soon as you encounter something that deals more chaos damage per second then a flask can heal you die, I don't like putting my stock in it. There doesn't seem to be a convenient way to get life gain on hit either.

The other problem is that blood rage is now dealing 4% of total ES & 4% of total life. This means that you need another 1% life regen to not constantly degen

These issues kind of mounted into a giant hassle that was point hungry to solve. One attempt was using Esh's Visage to make chaos damage not bypass ES but It was still point greedy making sure to never be on low mana and I lost too much damage. Cutting damage nodes and getting some more ES turned out more efficient then going hybrid. Plus chaos immunity is neat, lets you run poison maps for free

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What do you think an ideal lv. 70 tree would look like?
cryyyy wrote:
What do you think an ideal lv. 70 tree would look like?


Something like that though its hard to tell how many extra passives from lab/quest rewards you have at that level

Also looking at your gear I would buy some 18% strength boots and 15% strength helm. Both only cost 1c and will improve your total
WaffleT wrote:
cryyyy wrote:
What do you think an ideal lv. 70 tree would look like?


Something like that though its hard to tell how many extra passives from lab/quest rewards you have at that level

Also looking at your gear I would buy some 18% strength boots and 15% strength helm. Both only cost 1c and will improve your total

thanks very much helped me a lot :)
Hey nice build. I'm just wondering why go through ranger/shadow for CI/Ghost Reaver instead of through witch? Could pick up more ES and skip a long walk through Dex nodes.
ign JanesDiction
Neophilus wrote:
Hey nice build. I'm just wondering why go through ranger/shadow for CI/Ghost Reaver instead of through witch? Could pick up more ES and skip a long walk through Dex nodes.

Cheers so firstly Raider is much more effective then elementalist which is the only damage witch ascendancy.

+ 12% More Damage (Adds in flame golem and 10% pen)
+ 160 ES (40 Int worth)
+ Immunity to elemental reflect

+ 35% More Damage (20% inc damage, sustains frenzy and onslaught on bosses without flasks)
+ 10% movement speed
+ Dex higher then Int for Freeze immunity
+ 4% dodge
+ Keeps onslaught always active while mapping for smoothness

When it comes to tree pathing the ranger is actually better in that aspect too. Due to how I scale strength good strength nodes are more effective then ES nodes and everything in the ranger area is converted into strength at really good ratios while also containing projectile damage or attack speed. Also we need the point in there for mana leech.

The witch area is not so kind. Lots of Int nodes out of range of their nearby sockets and no notables with good strength + damage to pick up on the way.

The only other ascendency I was tempted to squeeze in was

+ 20% More Damage (Intimidate + Taunted damage)
+ 8% movement speed
+ 185 ES (20 Strength worth)

But it didn't quite make the cut
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