[3.5] Leidenfrost Lead Lady. CI Brutus Lead Sprinkler. 10k ES, 4.7Mil Shaper DPS. 2.1k Strength

olsev_baiden wrote:
nxus wrote:
Would we be better off taking out Point blank to replace it with something else? 2 points might be usefull).

And I am lvl 86, have a fairly good stuff I think and am still far from 9k ES (8550). Once I reach Retribution it will be 8700. Any idea why?

Here is my PoB: https://pastebin.com/dgDFyN9Y

I would guess I need a better shield, but can't find anything good that would let me keep my res caped (and even on lightning I have only 74% :/)

Hey there, I'll join the thread and give some answer to your questions:

Point Blank is the strongest passive for MS on the tree, you can check it out by going to the configuration tab in PoB and entering a value < 11 for projectile travel distance. If you'll now remove Point Blank you can see what I mean.

I see from your PoB that you are heavily relying on the resistances from your shield. One way to change that would be to buy a more defensive abyss jewel with resistances and maximum energy shield. Also the ring isn't ideal, imo you don't need leech on your ring, every ball leeches already ~1,4k ES and enough mana to sustain without that ring. I'd look for a ring to cap your resists and some strength on top. Something like this where you can craft 16 dual resists on top (I estimated you'd use an Archon Kite shield without any resists besides the implicit and an abyss jewel with +10 all res). Strength gives a bunch of ES (like 40 Strength on that ring added ~350 ES for you). Hope it helps!

Thanks for your answer, it is very thorough.
I tried what you suggested with PoB and you were right.

However I kind of 'ragequitted' the game friday night after my first encounter with the Shaper. I mean, if I die because I suck, ok, my bad. 4 of my deaths were due to things that were not controlable, such as frezes and glitches. And I mean, wtf is wrong with the beam's hitbox. I was behind him (maybe too close, but still) and yet took dmg from the beam.

Rant over.

I hope your answer helps someone.

Any advice for 3.6 and the energy shield leech thing?
Any advice in 3.6 ? Gem setup etc ?
Have you tried throwing a baron on and running with some zombies with this build?
someone else here who play this char?
currently playing this in std with basically the original setup and at 88 its still enough of a beast to down shaper provided you can dodge things, which I suck at but the dmg is there at least. I am planning to play around with a lot of this and see what I can do to it and make it better. this has always been a fun alternate build for me to play when I grow tired of my main.

I just switched the helm and shield to the ES bases mainly due to the dmg is already good, I just wanted to get over 10k es for qol
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thx for your replay. i played this build also, but i always die, have not enough energy shield leech rate, im trying another build. maybe in 3.7 its better with the melee changes
Wolve666 wrote:
thx for your replay. i played this build also, but i always die, have not enough energy shield leech rate, im trying another build. maybe in 3.7 its better with the melee changes

Are you using pure talent and connecting to the duelist area? We can't see your character so theres no way to know what you're doing wrong. I can beat uber elder deathless with this build. either send me the POB or change your profile settings so I can see your character. my hear is below for reference.

13.5k ES and plenty of damage for sure. I also have a pretty great watcher's eye but its overkill.

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I just hit my BLS corruption!

gg corruption, just in time before MS nerf

what you guys think about changes? rip ancestral call i guess

found huge strength node on the left side of the tree

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