Skill Reveal: Seismic Trap


Finally I can play a Frank Herbert themed character :p
Seismic trap looks very nice.
I never played traps (vaal lightning trap doesn't count :) ) and it's the first time I think about it.
If I decide to start the league with a trap build, I think it will be with seismic trap.

ok, traps may still suck a little with their cd (no more for some of them, like lightning trap), duration,and the fact they have to be triggered, but we don't know yet what exactly will change in the passives tree for traps.
"enormous area coverage"
So we have the thumper, now we need a worm

And no Devourers are not good enough we need a big worm boss that we can ride!!!

Great job on the trap, it’s those little details that make a good experience great
I REALLY hope that with 3.3 we are back to Path of Nerfs because Im so sick of current meta that we have for a whole year now... Just adding new skills and reworking bad old skills clearly doesnt work for shifting the meta.
Stefouch wrote:

Finally I can play a Frank Herbert themed character :p

I thought of the same thing...

Now we just need some spice...
Less enthusiastic than the siphoning trap
So it's a more powerful Ice Trap reskin?
Holy shit, I had a dream last week where RaizQT was watching a youtube video where ZiggyD was reviewing something that looked like a Totem that used the Earthquake skill and he was very excited about it but Raiz only made fart noises. This looks totally like that, now plz Ziggy make that video and pls Raiz watch it to make my dream come true.
Completed 13 ChallengesAlcsaar wrote:
The focus on trap skills is really irritating. When a majority (or realistically ALL) the new skills being released are traps, you're not doing anything for the large majority of people who don't enjoy playing trap/mine builds. Its better to have a balanced release of new skill types.

The only good news is that vaal skills should be more viable and most people will utilize those if they use those skills.

Second this! GGG where is your "Skill revamp part 6"? I think this new trap looks nice, but as it is showcased it seems lackluster compared to the current games focus on speed clearing. And there are still ALOT of older skills that still needs to be looked at!

That being said, looking forward to the arc changes...

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