Skill Reveal: Seismic Trap

senjikyru wrote:
Going to be interesting to see what performs better.

Seismic Trap or Warchief Totems.


Itll be totems. Traps are never going to be good unless they're so strong they're overpowered and you have to use them. Traps are an awful game mechanic for a game like this.
Honestly, I don't feel a necessity that this skill is "trap". And I can say the same thing for other than new trap skills too.

GGG should think that "What is a trap?" and "Why does trap need a trigger?". Maybe Seismic Trap will give players same experience even if this skill is not trap and it is just a spell with delay like Frost Bomb.
Looks like this might actually be fun for a change. Looking forward to doing this next league.
It's like a far better version of Shockwave Totem.
All of these new long ass cooldown traps Look great...
..but they play like dingo balls.

1 Lightning Trap with no cooldown is still better than every one of these new traps.
GGG ...get a new design team.
This looks nice ;)
If there isn't a small % chance to summon a rare Devourer I will be greatly disappointed. Thumpers summon worms you know
Cracks me up to see people do nothing but complain about skills they don't use. The game promotes diversity, I'm sorry I don't enjoy playing KB or TS EVERY league. Playing the same static build over and over and then complain about new things? Really? "Traps arn't strong".... you're and idiot, traps can be op just like MANY other builds, you just don't understand the mechanics of the game and follow what other people tell you to play. Example Pohx and blight, "crap skill" that me made OP. People are like lemmings and just want to follow what everyone else does because they don't want to learn about the game or develop their own builds. There are tons of people in the community who will play with new skills just because its different, the skills haven't even released and people write them off without ever seeing the interaction with different uniques.
League starts, lets chase some giant worms with this trap to get some Spice :3
Interesting sound....

If you listen closely it says "Yanny"

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