Skill Reveal: Seismic Trap

Why are all the new skill gems released as traps??
Why not release them as spells, so that all the builds can use them, instead of just trappers?

All spells can still be used with the Trap support gem.
(Nobody is using it only because 4 second cooldown makes it trash)

I thought this game was about build diversity.
sidtherat wrote:
DistantBliss wrote:
Lots of uncalled for negativity here. People mad at new skills without having tried them and knowing their endgame potential (which is what PoE is; trying new builds over and over and over again : )). People forgetting 20ish skill reworks that in most cases mean a buff (i would play infernal blow now if i found melee skills interesting). Just play first, judge after and if you play too much and get bored; dont blame GGG for it, instead man up and go get your wife back.

GGG taught us - as a players - what is important in this game to 'succeed'. this thing is 'clear speed'. check how quickly and safely you can clear with Kinetic Blast or Tornado Shot. compare. tell me WHY anyone would pick this trap over Kinetic Blast / Tornado Shot if the mechanic of the game and league BOTH heavily favour clear speed?

this skill isnt bad, it looks cool etc (And ofc can be scaled with idiotic shaper/elder stat sticks, so all other skills that cannot - are thrash by definition) - but the game currently does not need any skill of this type: low aoe, cooldown, niche, melee - because it competes with Kinetic Blast / Tornado Shot and in that competition there are clear winners

This IS one of the problem with the upcoming league; any skill that will not be made for fast clearing, will be even more useless then before! For this league clear speed will be even more important then before.

Looking at some of the big streamers running high clearspeed/movementspeed builds are plain horrible to watch, not even remotely entertaining, just a screen full of visual NOISE!

The sooner GGG moves away from 'the clear speed meta' the better!
are traps gay
If you are going to face a real challenge, it has to be a real challenge. You can't accomplish anything without the possibility of failure.
Do skill tree nodes that increase "Global Physical Damage" apply to traps (this trap in particular)?
Rawrasawr wrote:
Interesting sound....

If you listen closely it says "Yanny"

I heard "brainstorm"...
onlinegamer1 wrote:
Do skill tree nodes that increase "Global Physical Damage" apply to traps (this trap in particular)?
Yep, it will apply like Shockwave Totem.

Same for items like Redbeak, etc...
Nice! But where some love to melee?
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