Skill Reveal: Seismic Trap

YAY i knew eventually there would be a dildo skill!!!
TRIPL3try wrote:
Guided arrow skill when?!

Basically, a BGM-71 TOW analogue? That'd be tricky to implement mechanically, especially in terms of just how you steer the thing.

The trap itself looks interesting, and given that it manifests as a small device, I imagine the art team is already considering MTX for it. And, just in case it got missed, here's the Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden Samurai Troopers soundbite which goes with it:

"Quake... with... Fear!"
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4423758 wrote:
Time limit for clearing rooms in Incursion is not good.

When watching Ziggy's vid I agree. The timer seems too challenging in it's current form and only encourages clear speed builds further. GGG should realize that there are also many players that just want to take their time cleaning rooms or that other interruptions (real life) can occur.

In general having such a timer in your face just causes stress rather than fun.
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Aynix wrote:
Draegnarrr wrote:
Aynix wrote:
I REALLY hope that with 3.3 we are back to Path of Nerfs because Im so sick of current meta that we have for a whole year now... Just adding new skills and reworking bad old skills clearly doesnt work for shifting the meta.

I think path of nerfs is the way to go generally but they haven't even done any of the skill reworks yet :/ like your saying it didn't work when you have no idea if it did or not.

To the people saying trappers are too slow they clear the same speed as any other skill that one shots a pack but doesn't off screen, yeah it isn't the fastest but it really isn't that slow either I'd hardly struggle to do breach domains as a good trapper -_-

It's not first time when they decided to not nerf popular stuff and add new things instead. They did it before Abyss, they did it before Beastiary as well. Incursion will be another league with same KB/Blade Flurry/RF/Sunder/TS meta that we have for VERY long time.

Oh i agree with you man i'd have nerfed barrage, KB, MS, BF long long ago i'm just saying you can't write off the skill changes before they've happened they could be really good, and while the meta slaves will continue to play them I'd love for some of the less used skills to be viable. Basically it'll change my meta ;) my favourite recent character was infernal blow so the idea of him being better on single target is pretty exciting.
GGG trying to trick me into thinking traps aren't gay
...and its working
Too. Much. Clutter.
Im not saying reworking old skill is bad, I really like that they are doing it (with ascendency as well), but I would like to see "path of nerfs" together with all that new stuff. Nerfing FOTM and adding new skills/reworking old skills at the same time would shake meta a lot.
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very... sexy :)
Well, this looks nice (altough i don't like this kind of gameplay) - still I prefer the new incinerate, which I'll main in the new league :P
Ohh... this looks cool.

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