Skill Reveal: Seismic Trap

Awesome skill reveal!
It should summon devourers
I need this armor set!
[Removed by Support]
Thumper, activated.

Looks like an interesting skill.
Last edited by Markhor on May 16, 2018, 8:54:20 PM
So with the new traps that create a totem-like entity that produces the effect, can they take damage and be killed, or do they still function like existing traps in that once they're triggered, they effectively die, but the effect is executed out in full?
It looks very cool! There is something about the sound it makes that just doesn't feel right.

The low stomping sound is fine however the "pingy" part is just a bit bizarre.
Does its effect count towards the active trap limit?
Perception is reality.
Pile driver?!!
Wasn't thinking of playing traps to start, now I might. Good job!

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