Skill Reveal: Seismic Trap

"Usul, we have wormsign the likes of which even God has never seen."
Question here: do those work with cluster traps? Because from the previews one would assume that it doesn't. It wouldn't make any sense to NOT use cluster traps with them having such a long cooldown.
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Explosive trap with Seismic trap looks fun to play. I just hope it can handle fast farming gameplay as well as single target bosses.

Just hope there will be alternatives to Reave/BF - Tornado Shot/Barrage - KB/Barrage

Is Ice trap getting any love?
AtownStomp wrote:
It looks very cool! There is something about the sound it makes that just doesn't feel right.

The low stomping sound is fine however the "pingy" part is just a bit bizarre.

I love that part it sounds just like a thumper in dune
Quadrupling the number of 0.00001% chance Boss encounters in the game while at the same time quadrupling the number of things you need to juggle (masters, leagues, splinters) is not a net increase in CONTENT; its a NET INCREASE IN CONTENT YOU NEVER GET TO DO
Then I say unto you, send men to summon WOOOORMS.
And we shall go to Arkeen to collect it.
nerf whirling blades
Ahh, it's over... My sun... it's setting... It's dark, so dark...
Wait a sec... "cut in half for every 100%"????? Math doesn't work that way.
Pretty sweet, although have never played a trapper.
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Never played a trap, but this one looks ocol.

ps: fix explosive arrow, caustic arrow, split arrow... please.
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Shagsbeard wrote:
Wait a sec... "cut in half for every 100%"????? Math doesn't work that way.

Say you have a spell with a cast time of one second. 100% increased cast speed would mean you can cast that spell twice as often in the same amount of time, ergo it halves the duration to 0.5 seconds.

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