Earlier this week, we revealed one of the five new trap skills we're adding alongside the Incursion league. Today we're showing off another: Seismic Trap is sure to make your foes quake in their boots!

Available from level 28, Seismic Trap is a powerhouse of Physical damage, with enormous area coverage.

Once it triggers, Seismic Trap produces a mechanical stomper which strikes the ground, sending little quake bursts in five directions. Each direction is picked to favour enemies near it, but you're pretty unlikely to have any naturally overlap. That's OK though, because the stomper keeps sending these bursts out for the skill's entire duration.

The bursts function similarly to Glacial Cascade -- they're a series of damaging circles that appear in sequence, in a straight line. The final burst in the line is larger than the rest.

There are a few ways to scale Seismic Trap's damage:

Damage: Since Seismic Trap deals Physical Damage, it is compatible with all the various damage conversion types and associated ailments. It's a spell, however, so it can't inflict bleeding.

Area of Effect: With enough Area of Effect the bursts can overlap, allowing you to hit multiple times with each stomp of the trap.

Duration: Seismic Trap has a cooldown, so while it's possible to maintain permanent trap uptime for longer fights, it requires careful management. It's made a lot easier by increasing the skill duration and lowering its cooldown.

Cast Speed: This is what makes Seismic Trap particularly awesome. As you increase your cast speed, the mechanical stomper's stomp-rate increases. An unsupported Seismic Trap gem will stomp the ground every 0.9 seconds, but that delay is cut in half for every 100% increased Cast Speed.

Unlike Siphoning Trap, we expect some players will use Seismic Trap as one of their primary damage-dealing skills, though just how they'll scale it remains up to them. There's no single correct answer -- slow hits will suit some purposes better than rapid ones. Check out the skill in action below!

In case you missed it, ZiggyD has posted a video with a walk-through and guide of Incursion, how the individual incursions and final run through Atzoatl will work. Check it out below!

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Sweeeeet. I'm excited to see what people do with these traps. I'm curious to see what trap will have the best DoT and duration in 3.3.
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Nerf shield charge
No one cares about standard. It's literally a recycle bin, just press empty.
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I am here for 1st page hype only.

This trap is going to give me epilepsy
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I can imagine that sound effect becoming headache-inducing over the course of several hours...
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Guided arrow skill when?!
That's pretty cool, I suppose.
It's cool, but after watching ZiggyD play a trapper in the test temple runs, it still doesn't look competitive as a playstyle.
New good melee skills when?
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