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Glad you enjoyed it back in the day :)

Probably gonna revamp the Guide for the 3.7 melee rework again. If Molten Strike stays King, I'm gonna keep it like that though.

That said, even now BF is fine. And infused channelling is a cool Support. Its just that MS simply deals way more Damage ever since Statsticks are gone.

Yeah, the removal of stat sticks really hurt bf more than anything. It's a shame, hopefully you're right and 3.7 brings about a bit more diversity in the melee realm. Not just MS being the sole king.
Hi just cominga back to path and wanted to do a scion and I completly loved this build.

Is it still viable in 3.7?
It would be great if you would update this build for 3.7. Thanks.
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Please 3.8 update! thanks.
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