Played it quite a bit, won my 2 Rhoa Dinners and then was so tired of playing it, i quit and returned to the league.

Two thoughts: One, it was sooooo much fun. It felt like pvp in PoE should feel. Quick, fair & intense. Utilizing everything about the season starts many of us love.

Two, after i was finished with the "Race to Rhoa", i was ready to continue playing the league. This type of "race/event" would be a nice way to both break up the leagues or to add to the down time and bring back interest to the league. I'm guessing you saw an uptick to the number of players playing the league after the event.

While I love the leagues, i do miss the opportunity to do some race type events.

This, in my opinion, would not work as a standalone mode, but an awesome event to revisit periodically. It is definitely worth the resources and I know many people were willing to spend $ on some packs/microtransactions to help support the crazy cost. If you are able to make a persistent cosmetic load-out, that would increase the desire to use cosmetics with our Rhoa Royale characters.

Thank you for this fun break from the vanilla game, was such a blast, would play again!

juo wrote:
While I love the leagues, i do miss the opportunity to do some race type events.
This! I miss the race events so much. I do not enjoy PVP at all so I have no opinion on the Royale mode, I just came to agree with this.

IGN: Lady_Serena
OneUnderAll wrote:
Bring it back every so often with +1 more workday of development each time.

I think this would be really funny and interessting!

As many players I enjoyed the mode and it´s awesome that you made it live for Aprils fool! But in my opinion it shouldn´t be a stand alone part of the game.
Worth a standalone game mode? No.
Worth bringing it as an an event just like the ones in the race league? Yes. Definitely.

Another option is as an addition to the current PvP modes line-up.
At the begining I thought this is a great idea to play in Royal. But PoE is not balanced about characters in about level 7 or 10. That gives us some funny skill combination, where Frost Blades and Split Arrow was OP, and other skills sucks. If someone found Goldrim and Quill Rain he had Rhoa Dinner :)
the event was amazing, I wouldn't mind dedicating a day or 2 from the regular mode per week to play this mode. Iron man, for the win.

2 things

when you win is it winner winner rhoa dinner?

and there needs to be a motivator for playing the mode... a really good one so it keeps people's interest :D
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it is a fun event once every year. But please no more then that, the real game is the best :D
I'd rather you make it race type events with a set of specific skills, maybe 10-20 skills at a time, and rotate skills, as well as ban some supports. Make a weekend with different gems every hour. Should be fun!
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