In order to keep dev time as low as possible i would not take too much effort on balancing, since it is highly random on what the player gets the game mode is inherently unbalanced.

while i would love to see royale as another pvp mode permanently in game i think for the start it would be good to have as events, because i think most players do not have a constant itch for pvp.

what can be done would be to have "lesser" versions of two the most dominant skills of the last events. (maybe also introduce a "greater" variant of the least used)

for example:
1. split arrow -> next event: lesser split arrow ( x% less travel distance)
2. frost blades -> next event: lesser frost blades ( x% less chance to chill or freeze)

this could shift the meta every time to keep the player rethink what is best to win.

and then you look if it is worth to keep the skill as lesser version for future events.
(there could also be the normal version then readded in higher chests or troves)

sure this will not solve all the problems but over time it might be the most effective way to help with skill balance in battle royale and it would not interfere with the rebalancing of the skill in the main game that also will throw off a lot of royale balancing.
A FEW YEARS AGO :D in Closed Beta, you promised players on the SITE of Path of Exile ,
PERMANENT CUT-THROAT LEAGUES :( a standard and a hardcore..............

So so so many many many years have passed :( and i am pretty sure you guys know very well of the games Dark Souls 1,2,3 , Bloodbourne ,Demon Souls etc yes?? There's plenty of us players that love PvP , the REAL pvp league ,perma cut-throat league.....the Battle Royale ain't nothing against what you guys wrote we can have in the future, you wrote on the site a few years ago in Closed Beta :(
oh can only hope........................ :( but sure,add more new stuff and ditch perma cut-throat leagues , just to keep the casuls happy, dem spice girls that think " hardcore " makes them hardcore rofl, the REAL hardcore league imho is a permanent Cut-Throat league with Hardcore box checked on...

the ONLY league MORE Hardcore than the PERMANENT Cut-Throat Hardcore league is a CUT-Throat + Hardcore ticked on +++ TURBO :D + Onslaught,Nemesis,Domination etc you get the point ;)

You guys rock,keep up the good work...i hope i get to see perma pvp cut-throat leagues before i die,but oh well i'm 27 years i guess i've got time and hope still

You guys COULD make a Poll , see just HOW MANY OF US PvP-ers love games like Dark Souls 1,2,3 bloodbourne ,demon souls etc, just how huge of a playerbase such perma-cut-throat leagues would have...i don't know why you guys even wrote about perma cut throat leagues in the first place,on the site, since you wouldn't add it for so many years to come ;( .... I remember Chris Wilson linked me a while ago a topic to follow, one guy's comment said he would even pay for such a league's rental ,and yes i remmber you guys wrote Guilds will be able to rent private leagues to set their own rules so if you guys wouldn't wanna just normally make cut-throat perma leagues maybe allow guilds to rent one and make it public with perma cut-throat league + one hardcore box ticked on too :( can only hope,oh well ... it's the only disapointment i have in this lovely game in so many years :(

Since year 2013 i've been waiting for those perma cut-throat + cut-throatHardcore leagues i read on site about :(
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Make the battle royale gamemode into a Leo master mission
Soooo much fun! Haven't been hooked like that on a game for a while.

Bring this back! it was soooo good!!
Yes, one hundred percent yes! Make this a permanent game mode, I would love it!

1. Significant balancing so more skills can be end-game worthy.
2. A larger map with more spread out spawns.

Other thoughts/ideas:
- Have the ability to choose your spawn with low risk/reward and high risk/reward locations like other Battle Royales do with parachuting in. (you'd have to get creative for that to work in an ARPG)

- Games like PUBG incorporate Counter-Strike style footsteps and accurate directional sounds to make players not only pay close attention to their surroundings but also listen intently which significantly increases game immersion and difficulty while trying to loot and communicate with your teammates.

- Having some sort of covered camping areas could be interesting as well. Possibly have covered buildings which become transparent once you walk inside, that way people can following you into the building and see you once inside. Maybe even have those buildings be destroy-able. (or maybe I'm going too far with this haha, just a thought)

"It's a harsh, difficult world. You have to be prepared for it. We're not babying the players."
- Chris Wilson - Producer, Lead Designer @ Grinding Gear Games
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juo wrote:
Played it quite a bit, won my 2 Rhoa Dinners and then was so tired of playing it, i quit and returned to the league.

Two thoughts: One, it was sooooo much fun. It felt like pvp in PoE should feel. Quick, fair & intense. Utilizing everything about the season starts many of us love.

Two, after i was finished with the "Race to Rhoa", i was ready to continue playing the league. This type of "race/event" would be a nice way to both break up the leagues or to add to the down time and bring back interest to the league. I'm guessing you saw an uptick to the number of players playing the league after the event.

While I love the leagues, i do miss the opportunity to do some race type events.

This, in my opinion, would not work as a standalone mode, but an awesome event to revisit periodically. It is definitely worth the resources and I know many people were willing to spend $ on some packs/microtransactions to help support the crazy cost. If you are able to make a persistent cosmetic load-out, that would increase the desire to use cosmetics with our Rhoa Royale characters.

Thank you for this fun break from the vanilla game, was such a blast, would play again!


Fair? Maybe you and I were playing different games.

About 15% of instances your character literally didn't even spawn near Supply Crates.

4% of spawns you literally had tier 2 monsters standing within 1/2 of a screen of your character.

20% of the time, any Supply crates near you didn't spawn a single active skill gem, much less Split Arrow or Frost Blades.

If you didn't attempt to rush Hoards, you were destined to have garbage rares vs Sliverbranch, Tabula Rasa, etc.

If you DID rush Hoards, you almost always died to higher level late arrivers or monsters who have implicit "extra fast."

Bleed was just stupidly OP. You couldn't get away from the bleed ticks once they were on you without bottoming out your health pots, and even then you might still bleed to death.

Sometimes, the Zoning barriers literally skipped regions and shrunk the arena by 2-3 rings at once. I had many games where the first timer literally shrunk to the king of the hill area , meaning if you weren't a hoard runner, you literally had no way to survive even if you ran hard. Watched some games drop from 90 participants to THREE in a span of 10 seconds.

Then there's the fact that monsters didn't respawn, which meant unless you got your Frost Blades or Split Arrow, you were never going to get to the level to use level 8 gems/items, and mostly likely going to die to the person who did get the monsters with scree covering skills.

Fair indeed.
First of all, i don't know how you managed to pull this off in one day but it was amazing.
It actually felt like the good'ol D2 free for all's in front of act 1, except we had gear progression.

There were some issues with OP skills like Frost Blades and Split Arrow and items like Quill Rain that are very hard to counter with anything else.
I think it would be great if all gems become available but don't know if you can remove their lvl restriction.

I think this should be a periodic event, maybe just every weekend where everyone can enjoy it, or a few times per month so people don't get burned out.

I'm looking forward to the next iteration.
Such a cool mode so fun to play, it would be nice to have it every now and then if it's not to much of a hassle for you guys, just try and balance it somehow with your woodoo.
please bring this mode back as a permanent mode with rewards!

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