The only way I'd be ok with it is for it to be ever active for no more than few hours a week.
Do juste like LOL , create some funny modes and runs them some time but not all the time ..

There is a lot of possiblity , i trust in u GGG
I encourage you to make Royale a regularly-scheduled event, so people will be able to count down to it and anticipate when they'll next be able to dive in. Bi-weekly, day-long mode implementation sounds about right from someone who has absolutely no data to examine.
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yes! it was awesome and alot of fun, with some love and time put into it im sure it will be a big success! I'm never against progression and evolution and taking things to a next lvl so i say go for it and good luck GGG.
No, dont allocate too much to it.

It was fun as a novelty but it wears off its welcome quickly.

Very fun tho, but too much of it will be a bad idea.
it's the only reason I came back, and I haven't played since it's been gone.
daleyyc wrote:
No thank you, I'd rather see resources used to work on bugs in the existing game, proper testing of new leagues, and balancing skills/ascendancies.

Pretty much this
would been cool to see a top 10 ladder statistic or something like most wins, most kills, most deaths, highest lvl win, lowest lvl win some cool data
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I honestly say make it a stand alone game mode for players to have fun, not only will it be the 1st ARPG battleroyale but it will be a nice break from the main game temp league or standard play.
It was amazing fun, and I desperately want to see it as a replacement for Leo missions.

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