Can't wait for ROYALE to be back!
Having it as a limited-time mode would be excellent (especially in the downtime between leagues). It would be fun and exciting when it came around, but it wouldn't overstay its welcome if it was only there for a short period of time. Games that fire with 50 or 60 people would be MUCH less fun.

I would appreciate some balance changes, mainly towards Split Arrow (though there are some other skills which felt a little unfair, but not completely dominant). Likewise, buff up some of the crappier skills, especially close-range melee skills or something like Burning Arrow where you actually have to aim.

Overall, I really enjoyed it and would like to see it back. Even if the Rhoa Dinner prize is the same, the experience of the game is much more enticing than any reward it could have, and there certainly seems like a lot of unexplored direction you could take a game mode like this - starting at a higher level, restricting it to melee/spellcaster/bow only, etc.)
i loved it.. def bring it back... could be cool to implent it as a feature in act 3 , were people can choose the Arena or Royale ;)
FFS, last time I checked this was an ARPG......

If I or anyone else is craving pvp they can idk, maybe play 1 of the literally 50,000+ MOBAs currently dominating the market.

We come here for a relaxed, fun hack and slash arpg, a better version of Diablo basically.

With this latest league and speculation of diverting resources to pvp now you are completely failing your actual audience.

The game is unstable, the servers are a mess, there is barely any balance. The majority of people play the same 7 or 8 builds, 95% of the items are trash etc.

Please take the time to fix the actual game and stop getting distracted with this fluff, or just listen to the reddit fanbois and focus all efforts on pokemon, pvp and daily mtx releases. That way i know its time to move on and I dont waste anymore time here.
Nah i'm good, it was fun but maybe in 10 years you can bring it back. Just focus on the actual game development.
Bex_GGG wrote:
As a community, how do you feel we should proceed? Is it worth the resources to take this one-day prototype and polish it into a standalone supported game mode with ongoing improvements? We'd love to hear your thoughts.

I’d like for it to be a regular-ish event.

Even if it was hypothetically capable of supporting itself financially 24/7, I think after the novelty wears off it could be difficult to find games for some gateways - and it being present but not active would make the game look bad. People already try claiming the usual pattern of a challenge league gradually losing players over time is some unprecedented sign the game is dying.

It works well enough that I don’t think much more development time is needed. Maybe occasionally do something with skill gems so that the same, erm, “build” doesn’t win everytime.
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Remember these days when legacy (and maybe some other leagues, I dont quite remember) took a long time? They were considered too long and were not played a lot anymore. In times like this we need this type of mode. In the early leagues there's no need for it being there, so don' put too much effort in that it can stay 24/7. Enable it for special events and we will be fine.
In the meantime tweaking some gems will not hurt.
Nicely done! I'm excited to hear that Royale will be coming back with balance changes!

Personally, I think it would be best used as a recurring temporary event. I have no idea how long-lasting the appeal would be once balance changes are enacted, but I don't think it would stay popular for more than a few months at most. Just judging by the lifespan of PvP and Royale stuff in other games.

Additionally, being only turned on once in a while has some benefits. It gives a nice spike in the player base so people can actually find matches while it's enabled (particularly relevant for people playing on smaller gateways, but generally important for a mode that ideally has 100 players per game). It also (presumably) lets you provide bigger prizes, which is nice as some sort of prize seems like something players will strongly want.

Maybe turn it on for a weekend a month or something like that. Every weekend during the last month of the league? In the downtime between leagues? I dunno.
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Sure. But don't ruin your game for it. If you start trying to balance everything, you're going to end up with a game no one wants to play.
This game mode will forsure bring a competitive taste to Path of Exile and maybe also some new players get attracted. On the other hand it could split the community and i think this would be a big problem for the core game.
My experience: It was maybe the most fun day of my whole PoE career. I enjoyed it more than any league start or maybe even a race start. I'm more the type of racer/competitive player so this game was perfectly shaped for me. The day after royale i was even struggling what to do in PoE as i was completely addicted to the mode. I wish you could bring it back as an event mode atleast (or maybe integrate it to the core game where you can win prizes for your permanent/temporary league?).
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