It would be awesome (and really smart of them) if they made it part of Leo's quest line and part of the arena. I mean it fits right in with the theme of Leo's PvP game modes and it is already completely made so it shouldn't take too much work to transfer it into the core PvP and implement.

As an afterthought, I do not think it would be a good idea to make it a standalone game as you suggested. I feel that it would take away too much from your company's resources (in the form of manpower) and that it is better kept as a mini-game rather turned into a big fiasco.
I'd love it as a stand-alone mode. Would play it 24/7. Pretty sad I can't play it now.
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I 100% say, capitalize on the markets current direction. Its not unrealistic to believe that adding Royale as a permanent game mode will increase the total player base and bring in additional revenue.

Add it, permanently.
IGN: Noshei or Silvannn
I think you should keep it as an occasional event right now and not dedicate too much to it. If it natural grows into a permanent game mode and keeps popularity that's great. Don't want to see a lot of time and resources put behind something that was just a nice change of pace and not something people will stick with.
There is definitely a lot of room for improvement and I believe it can open the doors to Player versus Player again within the community. While the balance isn't there, it can be.

I understand the difficulties that skills, items, and passives at high levels present, which can make balancing very difficult and the longer you wait, the worst this problem gets.

However, starting at level 1 and balancing the gameplay around low levels might just make it easier to balance. Sure - Split Arrow was OP, but Split Arrow had the best supporting items (Quill Rain, Mirage Archer, Lesser Poison, Chance to Bleed, etc etc etc) compared to some of the others.

My proposal - Allow PvP to be at level 1, introduce "PvP version" of gems (that may be weaker/stronger compared to PvE gems), and balance out the monsters. Introduce a leaderboard (to encourage competitive play) and add stats to EVERYTHING, and make it public.

Stats, such as: How much damage taken, damage done, player kills, deaths, kills per game, wins, loses, overall, etc.

Create an automatic season for PvP. Allow players to rank and match with other players, with similar skill sets (if possible).

Most of all. Reward the player base. It doesn't have to be "custom" stuff. It doesn't have to be "mtx", it can be in game items (such as Currency, Uniques, etc).
I found the game mode very enjoyable, even in the horribly unbalanced state provided on 1 April. I'd very much support making it a permanent game mode, and commit to purchasing a Royale support pack valued at up to USD60 should such a pack be created.
I think this should be brought back periodically. Obviously it needs some balance, and rewards. The Rhoa dinner is nice but there isn't enough reward to keep playing it. PvP in this game has been hugely neglected and it's nice to see people are actually enjoying it. I do agree with many of the comments that the game needs more balance, skill updates, server issues, update old uniques and all that, but this is a chance to do both. You can add in more content in the form of PvP. Maybe not a full on cut-throat league, but one that has cut-throat type events once a week,day,hour, or something. I've been wanting pvp to be a bigger part of this game for a while, and hopefully this will be it.
daleyyc wrote:
No thank you, I'd rather see resources used to work on bugs in the existing game, proper testing of new leagues, and balancing skills/ascendancies.

Could not have said it better myself.
I would like to see it implemented much like the old race systems. Have a point and reward system set up, and let it run like one week every month.

Also another mode would be cool to see is if finalists, like the final 10, all get entered into a quarter finals round, and then so on, until the final.
It's a foregone conclusion at this stage that we'll be running it again in the future.


something to consider is that having a proper loot filter for this mode of game is a huge unfair advantage...

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