I feel like This game mode fixed All the issues that cutthroat had. I am Excited for This due to cutthroat actually having a place in PoE. I know GGG tried different Things to fix cutthroat to make it viablw as a permanent league and that This kinda failed. However with this.... You Guys just fixed ur cutthroat issue by having the limited zone that can kill you. No instance problems. No tp problems. You i ventes a great game mode that might have more potential than u think. Its not a joke game mode. Its actually fun and im so happy GGG found a good use for the cutthroat mechanic. Have you based This mode around the feedback cutthroat provided? Because it seems like it in some ways.
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Also I was a closed beta bronze supporter and normal supporter! I deleted that account tho.
Prediction: Path of Exile 4.0 is going to release PoE:Royale!
Please we need this mode back! Just for 1week end! It was really a cool event.
plz bring it back for this year want to get my second rhoa dinner
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