Maybe experiment with some moba style gameplay. 10 players per match, easy on the hardware, good place to showoff your mtx to friends and foes.
Having scrolled all 48 pages of this thread now (it's late, I was bored), one thing was very apparent.

I posted my opinion way back on page 30something. Didn't like it, would rather you focused resources on fixing the current game / future leagues.

Anyway, the apparent thing that jumped out was that over 70% of all the people who said they "loved it" and wanted it done again didn't have a single supporters pack next to their name. Most of us saying we would rather have work done on the proper game all had supporters packs.

What does this imply?

Well, go ahead and focus more resources on this nonsense, and detract even further from the maintenance of the core game. After all, all the new, keen players on this nonsense obviously contribute heavily to support GGG's server costs & staff costs(NOT). Much better to ignore your main revenue streams and waste resources on diversifying into a non revenue supported activity(NOT).

Anyone feel free to check out my rough percentage quoted above, all you need to do is scroll through the last 48 pages.
I loved Path of Exile.
I do not love Path of RNG.
Bloom gives me migraines, the over usage of darkness strains my eyes.
Save our game, remove all of the constant RNG and allow us to turn off Bloom or give us an in game brightness control!
PoE's Royal is missing the whole point of Battle Royal modes: Be the last survivor. You can't win by hiding, running, or somehow being cleaver / creative. You win by being the most bloodthirsty. That's not survival, it's hunting. How is that much different than the other PvP GGG doesn't support?

I only played Royal as much as I did because I thought I could win at least once for a cool decoration. Which didn't happen. I'm under no illusion that I'm good at PvP duels which, sadly, is all Royal has to offer. It has zero of the creative aspect that I play the game for, but is simply Cutthroat 2.0. Fine for PvP fans, but not something I care about.

How much money someone does or does not spend is irrelevant to this conversation. Someone's words are not invalid simply because they don't spend money in a way you approve of or chose not to show their supporter titles.
since GGG refuses to fix the bugs in the game, we are left with either them working only on MTX or doing stuff like this now.

so between the choice of more MTX or something fun like PoE: Royale, i would vote for PoE: Royale.

what we all wish would happen of course is that GGG work on stable servers and fixing game bugs, but GGG has told us to frakk off with that request.

I heard about this mode, I was going to come back to the game and start playing again but sad to hear you removed it already. Should take a page from fortnite and not throw away a money maker :)
Great event, one possible improvement for this kind of event or in general would be predefine skill tree. And then it would automatically fill points on level up.
Bring it back yes but it can wait, release it as a permanent and associated mode for the current active league/standard that we can share droped item with our fresh started character/old.
Making it more rewarding than just the rhoa thing hideout decoration ,adding exclusive reward and i'm sure it will be more interessing.

I believe big part of Royale mode success was its novelty in Path of Exile settings. If it becomes normal mode of the game, its attractiveness will slowly dissipate and what will be left will be hollow husk without any real progress and very few components that make PoE best ARPG currently available.

My view is that Royale mode should not become standard part of the game and should be run on special occasions. I do not think this mode can have any serious longevity in PoE due to core game mechanics.

It is still great distraction and when it is polished a bit it can be great distraction in between challenge leagues.

Thumbs up for making it happen this April 1st, GGG.
It's awesome as an April Fool's joke but I don't think PoE is suited for real battle royale. I play PoE for the hacking and slashing of monsters and a sense of progression on my char and on the atlas (yes I think the drop rate should be higher of red maps).

I much rather play PUBG when I want to do battle royale.

Please do not spend much more on developing this. Rather spend it on creating an even more awesome new league. I can see a lot of work went into Bestiary but somehow I am not really into it. The league theme should be a small interruption of the regular hacking and slashing like breaches and abysses etc with league specific loot or just a good way of getting loot.

Bestiary recipe's are just too much hassle, too much unclarity for the regular player. For example, I did the 10 random currency recipe and proudly showed the 10 chaos orbs it produced when someone in the guild pointed out the beast used in that recipe was worth 20 chaos :(

So, no battle royale but bring us an awesome new league after Bestiary!
You don’t stop playing because you grow old, you grow old because you stop playing.
Guys this will add diversity to POE , another kind of PVP , savage pvp with instant reward.

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