Hell yeah it needs to come back as its own standalone game mode! I had SO MUCH FUN with it! It was absolutely awesome, especially after this humdrum league.
YES! Please, this royale mode is everything PoE needed in terms of PVP! It gathers all the good elements from other popular survival games such as PUBG. Quite amazing work, please make it permanent!
The view mode that has path of exile is not in accordance with the royale style, since all the opponents are visible when attacking. The skill tree and many other things in the game have no location in a royale style.
to be a royale they would have to completely modify the whole game and make a shooter
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Make it the (as in only) Leo mission. On entering, your character is temporarily de-leveled to 1 and all equipped gear and inventory items go into limbo.

Make the following modifications:

- 32 players per instance rather than 100
- Players don't show on minimap
- Each player is given a selection of special unique weapons a la Champions; each one grants a skill (to prevent gem drops from being so important)
I'm not an hardcore player. I don't spend nearly enough time studying passives or combinations. I don't have anymore that kind of time unfortunately.

I joined when it was still a pretty small game. Spent some money to give my contribution and left when the game went in open beta if I remember correctly. I also came back around the release of Fall of Oriath and shelled some more coins because you guys did an awesome job.

Said this (to make you understand from which demographic I come) I think you shouldn't invest too much into this mode. Consider it a sort of fun casual mode for quick matches. No seasons, no too much resources into it.

Boy if it was on me, I'd only do these adjustment:

- Allow the user to choose a name when it decide to join the "royale" mode
- Don't force the user to create a character for every royale match. Just automatically create it with the username choosen and delete it when the match end for him.
- Skip the class choice. It's a match that is going to last 10 second to 20 minutes. It doesn't really matters. Randomize it. If you end up with a class you don't know, bad luck.
- Reduce the gems you can find on the map. Easier to balance, easier to pickup for the player. It could be a HUGE gateway for new players.
- Limit the max level obtainable in royale mode. Again, it helps balancing and it keep it simple for a new player.

Now this is "don't spend too much resource on it".
If instead some of the developers over there feel confident, a better job would be to:

- Class selection is not really randomized. Only the skin. The passive tree is always the scion one.
- Still keep a max level limit. The limit depend on the xp multiplier and the next point.
- Dish out a dedicated passive tree that is a very simplified version of the current one. Think about some key abilities that change drastically how would you play and make them obtainable in few levels. How many levels are "few" levels depends on what you decide. Should be enough to allow some variety but not so many to become hard to balance.

All in all, I wouldn't bind any prize to it. It should act as "quick match" mode, mainly aimed at casual or new players that are curious about the game and potentially never had to deal with an aRPG with the depth of customization that PoE has.

No regret (orbs)
Make it 1 day each week event. I think it would keep it enjoyable for a long time. You could also modify the items/starting level/available gems each week (and by that I mean create a pool of events for an entire month that will be fully automated so you don't have to waste time thinking about something new each week), but only do that if it won't require much effort and resources to do obviously :p
Bring it back on a monthly basis to end the month? 2day run?
i think you guys should just have it as a cool event that runs occasionally it will be better
i mean who will play it when there is already a league that everyone trying to sell and compete with each other
but it was really a great idea putting something like that to the game
Bring it back!
Bring it back every so often with +1 more workday of development each time. The effort vs satisfaction plot for this project drops steeply if your company thinks too much into it.

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