Skill Revamps - Part 2

So what happens to those of us who are still using the pre-update Fire Trap? Is this change retroactive or will the new trap be available for us to buy from gem vendors?
if u change beartraps so that enemys take extra dmg from traps and mines is a VERY bad one Gc miners will abuse that shit hard and doesnt fit beartraps name neather, u should cancle that idea completly if u decide not to do so make it traps only, but i wonder where this design decision comes from seem very not long time poe players idea hope bear trap will just be some very very hard hitting no abuse mechanic skill. I hope for the other skills that long term developers/players will have the last saying cause they know the old core use of them
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love you guys,
actually thought about starting out next league as a trapper.
Now I know for sure (:
What about the Trap skill itself?

I can imagine that with more traps possible skills like glacial cascade, frostbolt, bladefall/firestorm... et all; the popular trap skills could become pretty broken eclipsing other skills.

IMO, skills in Trap should have some limitations just like discharge in a 'triggered' setup.
All I want is Siege Ballista to be comparable to Warchief totems as boss killer. This can make me back to PoE again.
Meh, GGG, you are writing about Bear Trap, and I think this skill should be removed from game completly.
There is no option to build an end-game character focused on evasion/dodge when there is a chance, that you will need to fight with a bear trapper. Or maby evasion shoud also give some phisical damage reduction? But this is another, rather long topic...
Imaxilian wrote:
Ozzindo wrote:
raisin2u wrote:
Waiting to use these already.

Sadly, folks want to go fast and blow up three screens. There will be no pleasing those guys.

Says the guy who hasn't made it to maps this league.

Did you know that there is a thing called permanent league? People do skip leagues or stop playing when they do not like them. Not playing a league too much has nothing to do with the tryhardness of clear speed meta people who are never pleased if they can't instagib everything. Those people who wanted to offscreen entire maps actually deserved reflect (even though I understand why it's a lazy and bad mechanic).

I played perma for most leagues because starting again every three months simply takes up too much time, while playing in standard offers me reworked and tested content from all the past leagues included in a way that suits the game (mostly).

Considering the same guy hasn't killed atziri, a breachlord, or even complete Colosseum map, his opinion is irrelevant and people like him are a complete joke when they complain about meta builds or anything that they haven't even come close to experiencing.
GGG, be honest with yourself and rename "trap" skills to "grenade" skills.
Ice trap is newer. what are you talkin about? lol
SSF, because Path of Trade RMTers and bots suck.
I'm always excited for changes but I'm hesitant to the idea behind the new fire trap. To me, the idea of a trap is lying in wait, and then a surprise of big damage...not repeated over and over. To me, adding a stacking benefit for traps turns the nature of the skill into a spell, not a trap. But maybe your unreleased new traps you mentioned adhere to this.
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