Skill Revamps - Part 2

trollkind wrote:
These changes feel like GGG gave up on the whole trap thing and just makes them spells. :/
I think they should still have their place, they should reward placement and cooldown managment with higher than "fire and forget" DPS at the cost of convenience. Ideally they should also have a place as supporting roles for some builds without needing to be a saboteur and deeply speccing into them and the early traps shouldn't be the "be all end all" of early leveling skills. Fire Traps were already making it too easy to throw and forget while running past monsters.

Wouldn't mind if, the longer a Trap lingers before detonating, the more damage AND Area range it gets.

Instead of being grenades tossed with 0 cooldown.

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I've played trapper for 4 years. at least 7 characters

1.nerf onslauht, overall movement speed of pathfinders, deadeye, wanderers and any fast walkers.
2.haste give you nothing but a movement.
give us throwing speed and mine laying speed.
3.make 'on kill, on hit effect' works with traps. reflection was the only reason traps exist for.
Reflection is not an issue anymore. Trappers must get advantage from this mechanism like many top tier builds.
4.make new trap movement skill.
make some movement skill based on trap throwing speed.
5.instant trigger. even if you use 100% reduced duration sunblast trap, your traps have short term delay.
6.throwing speed.
Saboteur ascendancy node gives 20% mine laying speed, 100% mine aiming speed. 16% mine laying speed.
and... 16% throwing speed. What a precious is this.
You can get 15% throwing speed from 'Expenditious Munitions' notable node.

7. Targeting
Your trap is not you. Yes it seems so. Sometimes my trap want to attack me, not enemy. more uniques.
-Tinkerskin.. not attractive.
Sunblast- almost necessary to get equal clear speed.
I must admit. I hate everything about this. And no it is not because of the simple fact things are changing.

Do you guys remember Ice Nova? I once had a build based off this skill. I made a witch that could clear maps easily. But now the way to max it's damage is based off pairing it with Frostbolt. The play style has changed. And the skill combo isn't even fun to do.

Also the skill Jewel Frozen Trail makes it feel even worse. As it increases the speed of the projectiles. This making the combo even harder to do. Ice Nova is now mainly used to proc Elemental Equilibrium. For builds that use things like RF, or other single elemental damage builds.

With Bear Trap damage buffing another skill damage, or all trap damage. I feel other traps/mines will become just as stupid to use. It's like when I use a melee skill, if I don't use an Ancestral totem... Then I feel I am not getting the most I could out of the skill. And it's not like Ancestral Call feels required either.

While as an idea it sounds cool to have more skills interact with each other. But in practice it makes independent skills become more dependent on other skills/supports. And I am kind of sick of having combos forced on me. And it seems to be happening more, and more.

They might as well make everything in game an Aura skill. That only effect a specific skill.

At least when reworking the stupid skill gems... Could you make the tags actually mean something.

Now this might sound out of the blue. But I also feel that with this change GGG might as well remove standard. As reworking massive amount of skill gems will break builds. Not that GGG cared about standard anyways.

To be honest I think we would all rather see them rework map mods. Or at least I would.
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Remove reflect (kinda) -> buff traps


Let's talk about Ancestral Call and melee instead.

1. Ancestral Call is a cheap tool to make namelock melee skills PLAYABLE. THIS!!! THIS!!!!!! is a problem! You wouldn't need that cheap trick if you guys would REWORK THE DAMN MELEE TARGETTING SYSTEM COMPLETELY, Ancestral Call is just a band aid. But hey, clearspeed META, poop.

2. Don't fool around with introducing new "melee" --- HAR HAR LOL --- AOE Skills like Sunder, Tectonic Slam, Blade Furry ;) IT IS ANOTHER DAMN BAND AID, you have to address the actual problem which is DAMN MELEE TARGETTING NAMELOCK SHENANNIGANS!

"But new players that buy mtx want new skills and new skills and new skills every league!"


3. Don't clusterfuck it GGG-style, you know what I'm talking about. You are the freaking game designers, it's your system. Think about something simple and elegant instead of reworking the whole fuxxxxshxxxxshxx system and turning into a chaotic mess.


Nachtrag: Don't be so toxic KDBW! - Supporting the game since open beta. Feels like love is fading but still married. I guess. Meh.
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alhazred70 wrote:
raisin2u wrote:
Waiting to use these already.

Sadly, folks want to go fast and blow up three screens. There will be no pleasing those guys.

Worse than that, in trying to please them GGG will continue to make slower more relaxed playstyles more punished. Punish the 99% so the loudest common denominator 1% will cry less on reddit.

Seems like a trap to me.

When lower clearing builds couldn't do breaches did GGG change breach to pander to them? No

So then why does CuteDog get to bypass league mechanics by using Necromancy nets?

The answer is the average slower players aren't angry posting on reddit and being upvoted by 1000 other angry clear speeders. Imagine how angry reddit will be if any future leagues reward slower players without pandering to skill-less clear speeders who can't press more than their shield charge button? Breach 4 followed by Breach 5, followed by Breach 6 the revenge of Breach.

The truth is if those non gamers can't line it up and knock it down at full movement skill speed with 1 button it's always going to be a failed league in their eyes.

Slower playstyles are already heavily punished by -x%iiq (-80% or more in some cases). I.e., lower drops per hour.

Punishing them further with mechanics like breach and abyss (or any DPS-check, including some bosses) was never necessary, and is exactly what has led the game to where it is now.

Bestiary, while poorly implemented, was the first League mechanic in recent memory to buck this trend.
Farewell, fellow exiles. New hopes are on the horizon, and we may yet see a worthy successor to D2.
gibbousmoon wrote:
Slower playstyles are already heavily punished by -x%iiq (-80% or more in some cases). I.e., lower drops per hour.

Punishing them further with mechanics like breach and abyss (or any DPS-check, including some bosses) was never necessary, and is exactly what has led the game to where it is now.

Bestiary, while poorly implemented, was the first League mechanic in recent memory to buck this trend.

And it doesn't even do that. Most beast have life regain, life leech, some other life/defensive mod, or many of them. Making them take stupid long to impossible to kill for low DPS builds. And the crafting part is completely stupid. This Bestiary league fails to do anything it intended.

I found one beast at the start of the map. Couldn't kill it. So it followed me the whole map. I killed the boss and ported out. That beast was still at full life.

DPS will always be king as they are to lazy to do it correctly. All they ever do is band-aid. Like when they added one shot mechanic. To try and stop High DPS builds from life leeching back up. What that do? Made people go for even higher DPS builds, and larger life pools. As most defenses became pointless. And this trend has never stopped. I mean it. Why do you think the Shaper has 20 million HP?

GGG are their own worst enemy. And until they address all the problematic band-aids they have added. DPS will continue to always be #1. As currently GGG thinks the way to make it stop is to lower Defenses or/and increase damage that players take. It's ridiculously stupid. While at the same time DPS seems to be easier, and easier to get.

Think about it. How often do they buff DPS? How often do they nerf a Defense? Well this only feels like every patch.
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Trap is a tool to compress ur skill then trigger by enemies and definitely NOT GAY.
My build can face tank red tier elder and shaper guardian without dmg mod in full flask buff. My wooden pc dint allow me to face uber elder because of losing frame n lagging but I hoped some1 here could help me test it.
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Rip Belt +1 trap implicit
GGG, can you guys stop ruining my social life with these changes? I want to eventually find a girlfriend, but NO you guys have to keep implementing new and amazing changes. Can you please implement an online POE dating app at least so I can look for a girlfriend WHILE I play? Right now its too clunky to do both.

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