Skill Revamps - Part 2

firedeamon wrote:
I Hope they do something with totems to bring there DPS upto par

Wait what? Totems are in a rediculously good spot right now. GC and Dark Pact have been strong for a few Leagues and Mathil downed Uber Elder using Arc this league. You can pretty much throw any spell in a Totem and make it viable. What more do you want?
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The biggest problem IMHO with traps is not the throwing speed, but the cooldown. It should be greatly reduced, or bypassed by consuming a charge, or whatever else.
I would have liked to see something more ambitious like an elemental melee trap support gem, a trap stun teleport gem or maybe a trap that pulls nearby enemies close to it for other traps..

Cosmetic wise, it would be nice to replace caped costumes with the capes of cosmetic selections or have some more skill based cosmetics to go along with these traps or skills like frost blade as well.

Edit: Also, if the skill-tree system projected the changes to specific values in attack skills as you hovered over them when passives have been allocated but not confirmed (projecting the changes that taking those passives would take on specific attributes of that given skill) it would assist both new and experience players to a great degree. Both in what affects what types of damage, as well as when certain passives would affect that skills dps more than others for things like attack speed.


I agree with the direction for corrective balancing for traps, and hope that you continue to update the now more outdated skills. I am content with the progress that's happened over the years and still fully support GGG both financially and intellectually.
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