Skill Revamps - Part 2

The time of the traps has arrived! I can't wait. I've been wanting to play a trapper for many, many leagues now.

The interactions between so many different kinds of traps to produce specific effects is a great idea and I encourage the devs to lean on it.
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Awesome. This explains the underwhelming Saboteur rework.
Dont forget to add to bear trap PvP all bear trap builds 1 shoot everyone!
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THe Tri-Elemental trapper I played was one of the most fun builds I have tried. Definitely looking forward to these changes.
Removed cooldowns, increased utility, and greater ease of focus on traps?

Well I'm fucking hyped. Now hopefully they just poke a couple of these changes onto the Trap Support as well...
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Which...lightning trap already does. Will make it better with Impulsa's though.
Hoping for freeze mine changes too.

Also glad to see skills AOE is being looked at. So important to whether a skill is enjoyable and playable.
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looks good i may even try traps with it like that

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