Skill Revamps - Part 2

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trap meta next league, woooo
raisin2u wrote:
Waiting to use these already.

Sadly, folks want to go fast and blow up three screens. There will be no pleasing those guys.

yeah how dare they enjoy efficient and rewarding gameplay the game has to offer.
TRAP REVIVAL! I am hyped for 3.3
Pumped for 'new' skills. Hype is real bois.
hashtag #Saboteurbecominggreatagain
Well I just respec'ed my trapper to miner due to the trap cooldown restriction, gained like x10 damage output. Hopefuly this will bring traps in line with mines.
Hm, looking forward to testing those. Sound really interesting, honestly.
With those traps losing their cooldown though, what merit is there to use other traps then? Will traps WITH cooldowns get higher numbers to make up for their drawback? Or added utility? I feel like this is a rather important point.

PS: Seems like jaws of agony will get pretty damn strong, huh.
I make dumb builds, therefore I am.
Can't wait to try the new Fire trap
Never played a trapping build but i love using fire trap early on. Skill is fun to use, excited to use it with another fire char.

Thanks for the early, smaller, periodic updates. Keeps us wanting more instead of overwhelmed or starved.

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