Skill Revamps - Part 2

While your at the revamp table, could we get a quality of life change to Animate Guardian?

I can't be the only one that finds it super frustrating that the "alternating hands" part of construction makes making a dual wield or a 'tank' tedious and costly?

too many times I want to just replace the main-hand but i end up replacing the shield/off hand. If the off-hand was really good, i just kicked my guardian in the the metaphorical nuts.
Sounds good so far, but please give some love to "trap support" as well, otherwise we will be limited to pure trap skills.

Having played a trapper to 94 this league i already felt forced into pure trap skills because of the significant longer cool down on trap support.
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trap rework HYPE

hope ice trap gets some love too, always wanted to use that mtx
new glacial cascade mtx plssss
(also earthshatter <3)
I would love to see a skill mtx that replaces the trap with a magical rune thrown or drawn on the ground. (also the mine with a small floating arcane bomb)
raisin2u wrote:
Waiting to use these already.

Sadly, folks want to go fast and blow up three screens. There will be no pleasing those guys.

Says the guy who hasn't made it to maps this league.
I love traps.
This is something i was waiting for a lot of time - Cooldown has always been a chore with traps :)
Looking forward for those changes ! keep up the good work
Hf :)
Please improve ice trap too.
YES! Finally some love for traps! How will Uniques like tinkerskin be effected if you remove trap cd?
That starter node change, Welp, guess Im not picking shadow as the go-to for races/royale :^) anymore. On the bright side it gives the class more identity, I guess

Hopefully GGG will stop abandoning leagues after 4.0.0 is released

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