Skill Revamps - Part 2

I Hope they do something with totems to bring there DPS upto par
Are there any plans to change up flicker strike? It's one of my favorite skills and I've run... a large number of builds with it, but it always feels to fall a little short.

Even a few quality of life changes would be nice, like having the last hit always hit the same target as the first instead of 100% pure random and accidently ending up 2 screens off from where you started.

Also, and this may seem strange, but some way to lower jump range would be nice. I'm fairly certain the melee range inc that happened a while back affected the flicker strike targeting range, which makes it very difficult to do atziri because the range is big enough to bounce between her clones so you keep accidentally hitting the mirror
WTB channelling cold spell! thx :)
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poison clouds plz ... hehe
Velari wrote:
Some of these changes seem strange and counter to the design of traps. Making the Fire and Lightning traps spammable while traps are designed to not really be spammy, and changing the only damage over time trap to a shorter duration and thus making it more of an immediate damage trap strike me as odd decisions that take away from the core of what these things are.

totally agree. they will be like spells basically.
Dont mess with my shadow :-(
Ozzindo wrote:
Considering the same guy hasn't killed atziri, a breachlord, or even complete Colosseum map, his opinion is irrelevant and people like him are a complete joke when they complain about meta builds or anything that they haven't even come close to experiencing.

WTF kind of attitude is that? People have a right to express what they want. GGG has a right to ignore them, or maybe for once listen. And you sir are an idiot who thinks someone who has played... doesn't have a right to complain. Or ask for what they want.

Ya your right. What a joke... I can't believe people like you exist. Who cares what content he/her has/hasn't cleared. Your just a sour jerk. Your just like the players from games like LOL. You know the ones who say crap to people simply because of there in game ranking. Your comments are all uncalled for. And only suit you. Let me guess it's because you believe your better then him?
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I love traps. Having to cycle through different traps, or doing damage / evasion cycles.

So I am a bit worried about these heavy design changes. A spammable trap is just a spell that can be pre-cast.

The bear trap changes I am very excited about though. This is exactly what I think of for a trapper gameplay: use multiple type of traps that synergize well with one another.
Facing a boss ? Throw bear and fire traps ! Mapping ? Throw fire and lightning traps !

This could be even more complex. Traps could fill the niche of "doing your damage through 3 or 4 4-links" instead of "doing your damage with one fat 6 or 7 link".
It's worth noting that we're also planning to increase the active trap limit significantly but this is still undergoing testing to assess the risk of doing so.

Please increase the limit, or change the mechanics, so that it is possible to trigger all traps if you have multiple traps support or cluster traps support.

Currently if you have your trap skill linked with Multiple Traps Support or Cluster Traps Support, it is not possible to unload your stored traps by simply holding down the button and getting everything triggered even if you have chain reaction from saboteur or the Sunblast belt and 2 Cheap Constructions for 0 duration traps. Before traps even land and have a chance to trigger you throw over the limit and traps get destroyed.
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Played Ice trapper in flashback, stopped at 85 when clearing t4/5 maps.

Traps have a horrific delay before damage is dealt. Even when you run blasphemy/temp chains. Triggers are just to slow.

Needed a HUUUUGE investemnt into AOE just to make them somewhat "fun" for clear speed.

had to run both Ice trap + Frostbomb on a trap setup just to be able to throw traps all the time because of the cooldowns.

Most gear offer trap builds nothing for DPS. Even most uniques are quite bad for trappers since they cant use cast speed.

Mana cost..... You need a horrific investment in mana and regen, since the only real other DPS source is auras.

Life sustain.... You cant leech, shadow/ranger/witch has almost 0 access to life regen. The life from tinkerskin isn't much. While being a player that usualy run 1 or 0 life flasks, i HAD to run 2 flasks on the trapper. 1 for sustain and one instant.

Flasks in general. Lets not even go there.... most unique flasks are worthless for trapper. GO GO diamond flask!! on a 5 base crit skill ;p

Sorry GGG but changing a few small mechanics isnt going to make traps viable or even better. It needs alot of work

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